4 Occasions and events where Black Saree is a perfect choice

Long back black used to be the color which was not preferred much for outfit color choice as it was considered inauspicious. But with the change in time, there is huge progress in the thought process of people especially in India and color black is now embraced with much love and respect to be a part of fashion wardrobe both for men and women.  Online Saree stores these days are having an excellent collection of sarees in black or in black with other color combinations.  These days you can mind Indian women draping sarees in black with excellent work on many important occasions which they attend. Are you wondering as what can be the occasions in your life when you can drape your collection of black sarees? Scroll down to know about the possible events or occasions where you can go for it.

  1. BUSINESS MEETS: Ethic wear these days are emerging as the staple apparel for women at the workplace.  It gives an elegant, professional and sober look to the lady while working on an office desk or even at the time of taking or attending important business meetings. Plain sarees in black looks best when a lady want to create an authoritative impression in an important business meeting. One needs to add up matching earrings preferably tops and heels for a rocking an impressive impact on the corporate crowd.   
  2. FAMILY WEDDING:  Earlier color black was a perfect no for an auspicious occasion like a wedding in Indian society. But now color black created a true revolution and made a solid place in the Indian wedding market. You can pick any gorgeous saree in black fabrics like silk, crepe, georgette, and chiffon to look fab on the wedding evening. Expensive silk sarees like Banarasi silk, Bangalore silk, Tussar silk, and even Kanjeeverams are now available in Black with royal embroidery work.     
  3. Casual Get togetherparties: If you want to stay simple yet elegant to make a lasting impression in the mind of the people in casual get together parties then go for sarees in black color. Georgette, chiffon and pure printed silk saree are perfect-WOW for such occasions. You can also try black net fabric for a classy look. A little bit of light makeup of eyes and a dark shade lipstick will make you the center of attraction for the day. Do forget to carry a clutch purse with you for a complete look. Keep jewelry simple and sober and pair up with a heeled shoe.
  4. Indian Festivals:  Indian festivals are always a colorful affair and to look goddy why not try a saree in black this time. Especially in the festivals of Diwali, Dusherra and hold dressing up in black saree will make you the center of attractions without making much effort. Even you can try it on your kids or even your birthday party for a dashing appearance.

We cannot deny the fact that the color black is a royal one and when you drape your body with it you look no less than a Diva.

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