5 Beautiful & Trendy ways to style your Graphic T-shirt

5 Beautiful & Trendy ways to style your Graphic T-shirt

It is the year 2020 and graphic t-shirts have never been more popular. With the onset of the punk movement in the ’70s, the origin of graphic t-shirts was seen with cool band t-shirts and logos. It gained popularity with cartoon characters and famous movie dialogues printed over your t-shirts.

Graphic t-shirts now, especially in the last decade became a rage among people as the millennials now have their opinions about different agendas and express their mindset and what better way than a graphic t-shirt?

Today graphic shirts are no longer just worn by kids and teenagers to show their coolness quotient. They are seen on the runways and streets, at airports, in corporate offices, schools, colleges, basically everywhere. You have your contemporary art, slogans, feminist messages, quotes, etc. printed on your t-shirt and it has a desirable effect on your daily look.

These graphic t-shirts are a lot more upscale now. They can be worn anywhere and anytime for any occasion. The best part is, they are yet to reach their fashion peak point and the evolution is happening right in front of our eyes. Who could imagine wearing a graphic t-shirt for a meeting and then later donning the same t-shirt for a movie night? Wearing the t-shirt the right way, with the right apparel and accessories is trending and this fashion renaissance is not going anywhere soon.

Some iconic graphic t-shirt moments just can’t be forgotten.  From the classic “I heart” t-shirts manufactured in 1977 to exactly forty years later with Dior showcasing a graphic t-shirt with the slogan – “We Should All Be Feminists” in its spring collection 2017. It is rightly called a pure democratic garment, where you are donning a canvas and associating with numerous cultures, tribes, movements, and trends.

Now that graphic t-shirts are back for good, you need to carry them with style and panache. Depending on the place and event you can pair them with numerous ensembles to have your fashion game on point.

Pair them with high-waste pants

High waist trousers are definitely in. Somehow these pants are one of the hottest fashion picks for every woman. Trousers are elegant, graceful and sleek and a perfect ensemble for your work and you can give them a playful spin by pairing them with a graphic tee. There are so many ways to experiment with a graphic tee and high waist pants, you can either wear a plain white or pastel graphic tee with floral high-waist pants or beige-colored pants with a dark graphic tee and a sharp blazer and heels. This look alone will look great for your office. To enhance your office look you can go for patterns and stripes rather than floral. Go for bold, dark colors for office.  The same attire with some stack rings and bracelets will give a chic look to your evening outings.

Why ignore the skirts?

This is a fun pair. Pick your favorite flowy skirt and a graphic tee for an alluring look. For a more feminine look, a simple white graphic tee with a pink floral flowing skirt would look fabulous on any sunny day, to add a little fun to it, tie a knot on your t-shirt, pair them with your kitten heels and you are good to go! You are highly mistaken if you think you can’t pull it off in your office.

Unless you have code, wear your graphic tee with a neutral-toned pencil skirt to give it a formal, sleek look. Tuck your t-shirt in and wear a string belt with a coat that complements the color of your skirt. This look is bold and interesting. According to your mood and choice, you can go for a leopard print skirt or a leather skirt, either way, the look is going to be a total head-turner.

Buit up with Graphic tees

Graphic tees are no longer the plain childish t-shirts you wear to look cool. These t-shirts also have high-end standards and if you accessorize them right, they can be a part of any given event or meeting. So why not pair them with a suit? Swap your boring white blouse or a button-up shirt with a bright graphic tee and pair it with your formal dark pantsuit. Blend bold with funky and give your chic spin to the power suit. Flatter the look with your platform pumps and carry your standard structured bag for a modern take on it.

Pair it with the classic denim

This is probably the coolest of all the looks. Anything paired with denim jeans is bound to look great. A cropped graphic tee with jeans and sneakers is perfect for a day-outing look. There is absolutely no stress about color coordination as everything looks good with a pair of jeans. Let your hair down by donning a denim jacket and a neon graphic tee with cropped jeans and ankle boots. If you are wearing a denim jacket with your graphic tee, you can even experiment with black leggings or leather pants, if this does not speak volumes about being stylish, what else will?

Make way for layers

Jackets, coats, blazers, and shrugs, give you a dapper look. The apparels can no way go wrong. Make sure to pair your graphic tees with leather black jackets for your parties, bold blazers while for your office and maybe even with a trench-coat for your inner diva to shine bright. Bling is always good so add your favorite statement neckpiece, bracelets, bangles or even chic watches.

We know you love your graphic tees, so why not do some fashion justice to them? Fashion is all about experiments and staying trendy. How do you prettify your graphic t-shirt? Tell us below!

Author Bio

Michelle Miller is an editor and author at Hoodie Lab. She is a fashion enthusiast and loves to write about the latest trends and tips from the fashion industry.


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