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Swimming is usually considered a hobby by a lot of people, sort of a way to escape reality for a while with family and friends. Just the thought of dipping yourself in the water is exciting and enthralling and fun but some people don’t realize how helpful swimming is to our body and mind. If you want to get back to your sexy self, you might as well swim more every single day.

Swimming has been proven to be an effective way to burn fats and tone muscles. If you want to know more, see the list below:

  1. Backstroke

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Backstroke is probably the most famous kind of swimming move. It is also one of the most effective ways to reach your fitness goals. Backstroke may look hard to do but it’s actually just simple. You just have to tilt your head up while stroking and reach back with each arm at 45 degrees. See the picture above for reference.

  1. Breaststroke

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 Breaststroke is just like backstroke but instead of reaching your back, you have to reach your front view with both palms and glide your way to sustain your core and agility. Remember, you also have to bend your knees and bring your feet towards your butt. Breaststroke is like a swimming move where you will have to act as if you are a frog.


  1. Floating

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A lot of people may say that floating will not help you lose weight but the truth is it actually can. To be able to float, you have to make sure that you are subtly stroking your arms and legs in order to stay afloat. With that, you are enabling yourself to stay floating and burn calories at the same time.


  1. Swimming Like A Dog

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 Swimming like a dog can be considered as one of the best ways to burn calories because it takes a lot of effort and endurance to sustain it. It is quite hard for some but a lot of people have been doing it to tone their muscles because it will really test your agility and patience. You will also be able to improve your core if you work out even more.


  1. Mermaid Swim

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Mermaid swim is good for the ladies especially if you are aiming to have a sexy body. Not only mermaid swimming will help you get fit, you will also feel more sexier as you glide up and down in the water. There are mermaid swimming classes being offered in swimming camps across the world. Most of them are in Australia, America, Philippines, China, Japan, Korea and many more.

Everyone should treat swimming as an exercise so that they will be more serious about it. Some people just swim for the fun but we should not disregard its benefits and use them as a tool to be better. Swimming is one of the most effective ways to get back in shape, but people should know that it’s more than the physical because it will also help you be mentally and spiritually ready in your life.

Author Bio: Mark Aldrin Hipolito is a daytime writer for Swim Print, one of UK’s top provider of swimming caps and many more equipment. Mark is very passionate in writing tips and advices to people regarding the swimming industry.

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