Instagram Hashtags: A Definitive Guide for Businesses [2024]

Want to move your business forward on Instagram? Using reliable hashtags is one of the effective ways to help boost engagement. Hashtags are now a significant part of social media that drives force in marketing. If you want to up your game on Instagram, making the most effective use of hashtags, you can establish a powerful presence and build a strong following. Right now, more businesses are growing their presence on Instagram with the use of specific hashtags.

Do you know? Many businesses are trying out a free instagram hashtag generator to quickly sort out the more impactful hashtags to increase their content exposure. As users discover the videos using reliable hashtags, it’s the best idea to use the tools and grow the presence. 

Let’s dive into this article to get a clear grasp of using the potential hashtags for your Instagram marketing campaign.

Types of Instagram Hashtags

If you want to build a strong presence on Instagram, using hashtags becomes more important than ever. You know, hashtags can be used in a title and caption for your Instagram feed posts, stories, reels, and carousels. Here, for the effective use of hashtags, let’s know the types of hashtags. They are:

  • Brand-specific hashtags
  • Industry related hashtags
  • Seasonal hashtags
  • Community hashtags
  • Location-based hashtags
  • Deals specific hashtags
  • Acronym hashtag format
  • Days of the week hashtags
  • Hashtags with emojis
  • Relevant phrase hashtags

There are even more types of hashtags, and if you want to find them without effort, search for the best instagram hashtag generator online. Of course, you can choose the hashtags that work for your marketing campaign. 

Reasons to use Instagram Hashtags

There are more reasons to use the potential hashtags in your marketing strategy. As hashtags are an integral part of today’s social media marketing tactics, the key to success is to use powerful hashtags. 

Using hashtags on Instagram makes your posts more discoverable, and when users search, it directs them to its own page. Therefore, using hashtags will help you to directly connect with your potential audience and make posts top-featured on the Explore page.

Using hashtags will tend to increase the visibility of your posts and even make them go viral. So, to enjoy the reward that the hashtags offer, smartly play with the mix of hashtags. Try to use hashtags between 5 to 10 for a single post even though you can use 30 hashtags per post. It’s best to create a strong impact and grow your presence. 

Tips for Businesses to Make the Most of Instagram Hashtags

If you want to make the most of Instagram hashtags, you will discover a variety of ways. They are listed below.

#1 Get Clear Insights to Know Which Hashtags to Use

If you check out Instagram, you will explore more hashtags trending on the platform. It is essential to choose the right hashtags to boost your post’s presence. Here comes the need to use Instagram analytics to determine the performance of the hashtags. 

#2 Limit the Hashtags Per Post

We have already discussed in this article that using between 5 and 10 hashtags is a great idea. This would not overwhelm the audience. Therefore, make sure to limit the number of hashtags to make your post more discoverable. A reliable hashtag will increase the chance to grab more users’ attention and make your posts go viral. 

#3 Don’t Use Irrelevant Hashtags

It doesn’t make sense to use hashtags that are not relevant to your brand. Well, you have to be aware of it and choose the more impactful hashtags for your content. Ultimately, using the specific hashtags will help your account and save you time to build a strong profile. 

#4 Emphasize Trending Hashtags

Trends always change forever, and no one can predict which hashtags to use. So, being a marketer or business, you have to find out the currently trending hashtags. To increase the discoverability of your content on Instagram, it is best to use the ProHashtag tool and find trending hashtags like never before. 

#5 Strategically Use Your Hashtags

Using hashtags in the title and caption of your posts is a great idea. However, if you don’t like your hashtags to be more visible, using them in the comments section is a great idea. At the same time, if you don’t wish to use hashtags, prefer to use a sticker, GIF, or an emoji. It will make your content discover more and build your followers. 

However, the best practice is to search how your competitors use Instagram hashtags to boost their post’s reach. Let’s use hashtags strategically with clear perception!

Final Takeaway

Start experimenting with the different types of hashtags and making your content more new opportunities for discovery. Remember, the right hashtags are one of the ranking signals that explore your content more to the potential audience. So, choose your hashtags wisely to get your content recommended to the new users on the platform. You can enhance visibility, grow your followers, and boost engagement by effectively using reliable and relevant hashtags.

Let’s head on to use the reliable hashtags on Instagram to boost engagement!


1. What are Instagram hashtags and why are they important for businesses?

Instagram hashtags are keywords or phrases preceded by the “#” symbol that help categorize and organize content on the platform. For businesses, hashtags are important as they can increase visibility, reach a wider audience, and help connect with potential customers.

2. How many hashtags should businesses use in their Instagram posts?

While Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, the optimal number of hashtags for businesses can vary. It’s recommended to use a mix of popular, niche-specific, and branded hashtags, but it’s important to avoid overusing them. Testing different numbers and types of hashtags can help businesses determine what works best for their specific audience and goals.

3. What are some best practices for using hashtags on Instagram for business promotion?

Some best practices for using hashtags on Instagram for business promotion include: researching and using relevant and trending hashtags, creating a branded hashtag for the business, monitoring and engaging with hashtagged content, and avoiding banned or spammy hashtags.

4. Can businesses use the same set of hashtags for every Instagram post?

While businesses can have a set of core hashtags that are relevant to their brand and industry, it’s important to vary and customize hashtags for each post. Tailoring hashtags to the specific content being shared can help businesses reach different audiences and avoid appearing repetitive or spammy.