iPhone 14 to launch in September: Top 10 things to know

iPhone 14 to launch in September: Top 10 things to know

The iPhone 14 is expected to launch in September, which means we only have a few months of waiting left for the next big thing from Apple. While leaks and renders have given us plenty to look out for, there are still a few questions that need answering before Apple fans can get their hands on the new device. Read on for our best guess at these unanswered questions about the upcoming iPhone.

iPhone 14 to launch in September: Top 10 things to know.

The iPhone 14 will be launched in September, according to a report by Bloomberg. The date is expected to be announced at the upcoming Apple event on 21 September, as per some reports. Here are top 10 things that you should know about this upcoming smartphone:

  • Design: iPhone has always been known for its design and looks. Apple is reportedly going to make some changes in terms of overall look and feel of its new phone, which could either be called iPhone 11 or iPhone 12. The speaker grille will come down from the top edge of the screen instead of being placed at an angle on one side (it used to be like that till 2012). The camera bump has also changed its location over time; it used to be situated at the top left corner but now it sits just above two lenses on both sides with no bulge showing up anywhere else.
  • Display: In terms of display size, we may see a 5-inch panel again after three years since Apple unveiled a 4-inch model (iPhone SE). However, it won’t have any notch like those seen on OnePlus 7 Pro or Huawei P30 Pro smartphones because they use OLED technology while iPhones use LCD screens which require different manufacturing techniques for implementing notches without compromising quality control issues such as viewing angles etcetera

Design: Bigger display and more colour options expected.

iphone 14 Features

The phone will be larger than the iPhone XS Max and it is expected to have a 6.5-inch display instead of the 6.4-inch screen found on the current model. The device is set to come with an OLED screen which will support HDR content, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo at TF International Securities, who has accurately predicted Apple’s plans in recent years.

The design of this new handset seems likely to be similar or identical to that of its predecessor with curved edges around most sides and no physical home button (but still having Face ID). Rumours suggest there will also be more colour options available such as white, grey and blue rather than just black and white options as seen before now (although we’re not sure how many colours there might end up being – possibly three or four).

Display: Always-on display feature on the cards.

The iPhone 14 will also be coming with a few new features. The display on the phone is going to be bigger, from 6.94 inches to 7.8 inches. This offers users more screen real estate to use, which is something that many people have wanted for years. The Always-on display feature on the cards has been popular with Android phones for some time and now Apple will finally be able to add this feature to their phones as well!

Processor, RAM and Storage: Apple A14 Bionic chip.

The iPhone 14 is expected to come with Apple’s latest A14 Bionic chip, which replaces the A13 Bionic chip that powers the current iPhones. The new processor is said to be 10% faster than previous versions of the chipset and has also been optimized for augmented reality and gaming apps.

The phone will also have 4GB RAM, as opposed to 3GB RAM on its predecessor. It packs 64GB or 256GB storage options (compared to 32GB/128GB).

Camera: Improved camera features in tow.

Camera: Improved camera features in tow.

The iPhone 14 will have a 3D camera, just like its predecessor, but the second-generation device will also include a 2D camera that’s twice as good at capturing images. The duo of cameras will work together to capture both standard and 3D photos and videos.

Operating system: iOS 15 to debut with the next iPhone.

Your iOS device will be getting an upgrade this fall. Apple’s next-generation operating system, iOS 15, is expected to debut with the new iPhone and is set for release for older models in September.

What does that mean for you? With the exception of current-generation hardware like the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

Its use iOS 12.

Newer iPads (iPad Pro 12.9), which run on iOS 13.

All other iPhones will be eligible for an update to iOS 15.

it launches in September 2022.

Similarly, all iPads released since 2017—as well as any iPad Air 2 or later—will receive an upgrade that same month. Finally, Apple Watch users who have an original model can expect to see their watches running on watchOS 5 once again after upgrading them with a new operating system.

Battery capacity and charging support.

Battery capacity and charging support

Every smartphone has a built-in battery that powers its operations.

The iPhone 14’s will be especially important.

The new device is expected to sport an OLED display.

Its offers several benefits over LCD technology.

it also requires more power than traditional screens.

Apple has been working on optimizing its software to make the screen as efficient as possible.

If you’re playing games or watching videos.

you can expect your phone to drain faster than older models.

If you want more time with your phone before it dies.

you’ll need a charger (or two) at home and in your bag or pocket.

You should aware of how long it takes to charge up again.

There are some fast-charging options available today.

it still take hours rather than minutes like they do with laptops and tablets.

This is how the phone will be in terms of design and specs

This is how the phone will be in terms of design and specs.

  • The iPhone 14 is expected to have a bigger display along with more colour options. The well-known fact is that Apple always keeps its designs simple.
  •  we are sure you won’t see any drastic changes on this front.
  • The phone will come with an improved “always-on display” feature on the cards.
  • It will help users get an idea about the weather conditions and time before they glance at their device even once!
  • Apple A14 Bionic Chip: With a better processor, you can expect smoother performance from your everyday tasks. You’ll also see faster loading times for apps or games too!
  • Storage: We’re expecting 3GB RAM along with 128GB storage capacity out of the box.
  • which should be enough for most users
  • if you’re looking for something more powerful then there’s always room for expansion via microSD card slot (up to 512GB).


The iPhone 14 is expected to be launched in September this year. The phone will feature a bigger display with more colour options and a new design. The device will also have an enhanced camera system with improved artificial intelligence features and a better battery life. The operating system, iOS 15, is expected to debut along with the new handset.

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