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Ultimate Camping Checklist: A Guide to Everything You Need

If you’re going to have your first camping trip alone and have no idea what to take with you and what to keep. This happens, and it’s overwhelming what to take with you. But I’m gonna be helping you prepare for your first trip in this guide with the gear options you can choose based on how long you’ll stay; the Camping Checklist is easy, I’ve created it for both shorter and longer stays.

But let me be clear: A tent is essential. If you don’t have a tent. Well, you must need one. BCF has all those solo tents available for you, every size and type, whether you’ve got a big space trunk in your vehicle or a small one. They’ve got tents that can fit in your trunks after folding and will leave a lot of space for your other gear. If you’re on a budget, then the BCF discount code offers are available for solo, passionate campers to purchase your gear for every size of pocket.

For Shorter Stays:

National parks are beautiful and amazing. Though as a solo camper there, it will be tricky, and you will need more stuff to need everything when in need. The most essential stuff is what you already know.

  • A great tent as your shelter and where you’ll sleep.
  • Sleeping bag or blanket for you.
  • Firewood or stove.
  • Some utensils of the kitchen, like plates and spoons.
  • Some raw meat or uncooked food.
  • Lantern-style light or torch.
  • Some packs of clothes.
  • First aid kit for emergencies.
  • Tea and coffee powder as a coffee lover!
  • A tyre and repair kit for your vehicle.

Seriously, that stuff is what you need when you are camping; remember to take some knives and weapons for your survival and camp where some other folks are camping, too, as it can be a bit scary to camp yourself.

But if you are going for longer trips, like more than 1 or 2 days, and are an absolute junkie. I’m recommending these cool gadgets and stuff that are portable, lightweight and will give

For Longer Stays:

Once you get the solo adventure fun, you’re going to be amazed and will want to go again and again. That’s why I’ve curated an extra camping checklist of more gadgets and gear you’ll need for your trips. Fact: they won’t take up much space in your vehicle. These are just three, but they are truly essential. I even selected the best one for your needs, budget and the space you have in your vehicle!

A Wide Tent but Super Portable:

You could use a small tent or little shelter for a day trip but for more than 1 day and spending nights. This tent is your need. Because you just need to sleep better and keep your essentials inside your tent. Here’s the Zempire Mono 1 Person Hiking Tent from BCF gives you:

  • Large room area, sleep and lie down easily while keeping your extra stuff.
  • Extra safety and strong tent so it will protect you from heavy rains or snowy weather.
  • 35 weight only. Keep it on the back of the tent; it’s completely foldable!
  • If there’s any heat or you want to keep the weight lower. You can keep the outer flysheet at home and just take the inner tent to make it lighter.
  • Available with free shipping, so you can get it to your doorstep for free.
  • You can fold the entrance door of the tent to exit and enter easily or get a beautiful view from your tent.

Portable Gas Grill:

As with the limited storage and more needs, you still need essential stuff to make your camping more fun rather than being frustrated with the lack of gear. Weber Traveler Portable Gas is the option for you because you don’t want to compromise on food for longer stays (even 1 or 2 hours).

Sure, you could cook with fire, but you may need more cooking skills for it. With this cooking grill, even if you’ve cooked the omelette only, you’ll learn to cook in no time with it. Why is it a pocket-friendly and amazing choice for you?

  • It’s foldable and lightweight, which means you can easily fix it into the trunk of the car. Yeah, it takes way less storage, even compared to the tent.
  • Imagine cooking your best dish when camping. This grill has a large cooking area, meaning you can cook and enjoy all your favourite dishes with nature.
  • It’s got a cart with tyres, which means it’s super easy to take here and there, and if you don’t want the cart, you can detach it.
  • It consumes less gas, so you’ll cook for a long time with one gas cylinder.
  • High and low-temperature support means you can even cook those cookies or cakes while camping.
  • Easy and quick setup with connecting poles and clips, but don’t worry, the tent will be strong!

This gadget is going to help you as a beginner solo camper because you might not know how to cook. The grill is available at many various stores.

A Privacy Tent:

For serious camping, I had to add this to my long camping checklist. This is a must because if you’re staying for longer trips, this is a must for you; for changing and bathing, you must have a dedicated space. This becomes crucial when you’re camping where other campers are camping too. A private tent will help you get rid of the problem of doing these activities at your tent, and the tent isn’t taller.  Wanderer Single Ensuite by BCF has:

  • A large height is comfortable for you while standing and moving.
  • It can be used as a changing room, for showers, and a toilet.
  • 30% off discount with free delivery to your doorstep from BCF!
  • The steel pole frame is 16 mm and has a silver coating, meaning it can stay strong in windy weather.
  • Set it up easily wherever you go.

Final Words

For only a day trip, the essentials camping checklist I gave you is enough. But for longer stays, you must need these essentials because you don’t want to make your trip painful without equipment.

You may find many gadgets in the market; if you have a budget, go for it. But you don’t have to be confused about what to choose. But if you find some gadgets you know for sure, you’ll need. You must take that gadget with you. Remember to grab your discounts from BCF when investing in those cool gear for your solo adventures!