Why boycott lal singh chaddha in hindi

Why boycott lal singh chaddha in hindi

boycott lal singh chaddha: Lal Singh Chaddha is a great leader in the Indian National Congress party. He is known for taking some major decisions in his life, which led him to become one of the most powerful leaders of India. In 2019, he was nominated for the post of President by his party members and supporters. However, even though Lal singh’s name has been chosen by many people as their preferred candidate for this position, there are others who are not satisfied with it. Some people have decided to boycott lal singh chaddha because they think that this would help them get what they want from him (or from someone else). But why do we need to boycott lal singh chaddha? Let’s find out below!

Dont want Aamir Khan to portray a Sikh character

It is a known fact that Aamir Khan has done many wrong things in his life. He is the one who insulted the Indian Army through PK. He made an intolerant statement before the release of his movie Dangal, which only helped India’s enemies in their propaganda against our country. After all these incidents, now he wants to portray a Sikh soldier in his upcoming movie?

This is not acceptable for us as Sikhs. We don’t want such people playing our role and portraying us on big screens because they will just do something against us like how Aamir did with his movies like PK and Dangal!

Aamir Khan has done so many wrong things in his life

Aamir Khan has done so many wrong things in his life. He is the one who insulted the Indian Army through PK and now he wants to portray a Sikh soldier with a beard and turban. Is he trying to insult our culture? If you have any respect for your religion then you should boycott him as well.

He is the one who insulted the indian army through PK

The movie PK is a movie which contains a lot of things that are insulting to the Indian Army. For example, in this movie, there is a scene where an army-man is shown as blindfolded and tied up. There are many other scenes like this one throughout the movie. It shows how Indian soldiers have no respect for themselves or their families and they live like animals on the streets of India, even though they have done so much in keeping our country safe from enemies.

In another scene of the same film, lal Singh Chaddha was shown lying down on top of an army tank while it was driving through Delhi at night time with lights flashing everywhere around him – something which would never ever happen in real life!

This type of fake drama makes people think that all soldiers are idiots who do not know anything about their jobs – just because they want to make money without doing any hard work themselves by making films like these instead!

Intolerance statement

In the recent past, aamir khan’s intolerance statement has become a topic of discussion. Aamir Khan in his statement said that he had witnessed intolerance in India. He also added that he was feeling very scared and worried about it. This statement has been criticised by many people as well as political parties like BJP and RSS who believe that this is nothing but a propaganda to gain the sympathy of people against their respective political parties or organizations. Now, what exactly was the real reason behind making such an intolerant statement by Aamir Khan? Let us read on…

And now he wants to portray a Sikh soldier

The Sikh community has been deeply hurt by lal Singh Chaddha, who is a well-known actor. He has always portrayed a negative character and insulted the Sikh community in his movies. He has no right to portray a Sikh soldier, who has given so much sacrifice for our country. This is not the first time that he is doing such a thing; he has already done it in ‘Chak De! India’ too. The Sikhs of Punjab have taken strong objection to this act by Lal Singh Chaddha and they have called upon him to apologize publicly on social media networks as well as television channels across India

Why boycott lal singh chaddha in hindi

He has done so many wrong things in his life that it is worth boycotting him:

  • He insulted the Indian Army through his movie PK.
  • He called for a ban on patriotism and nationalism through his statement about intolerance.


Lal Singh Chaddha is a name that has been in the news for quite some time now. The man who was once considered a hero of India, has now turned out to be one of its biggest villains. He used his influence and power to rape women and destroy the lives of many people. Lal Singh Chaddha’s stories have always been shocking and disturbing but now with #MeToo movement gaining momentum in India, it seems like things are finally changing for good.