10 Best Marvel Snap Cards For A Cerebro Deck

Cerebro is a great card that can help your other cards. To get the most out of it, here are the cards you should use with it.

In Marvel Snap, abilities generally decide what kind of character you play. Still, some strategies depend on just one card. Cerebro is the most special thing out there. To use his skill, you must make sure that all of your cards have the same amount of power.

It’s not easy to do this because you have to think about both your opponent and where they are. Cerebro decks called C2 and C3 are the most successful. If you know what cards are in those decks, you’ll understand why they win so often.

Invisible Woman

Marvel Snap Card Invisible Woman

If you want to hide your combo, Invisible Woman is a great choice. This is also true in C3. The Enchantress is Cerebro’s main weakness, but your main card is safe thanks to Invisible Woman’s defense.

The card can be used for many other things too. One sneaky move you can make if you know you don’t have to worry about Cosmo is to play Shang-Chi. People don’t really expect it, and Invisible Woman takes care of the order of things for you. It’s a good way to steal cubes because they won’t see it coming and will think that spot is theirs.


Marvel Snap Card Crystal

It was hard for Crystal to see any kind of play, even though she could draw cards, which is a very useful skill in Marvel Snap. This makes her three-power, which gives C3 something it really needed: stability.

Yes, you make your opponent draw as well, but it doesn’t matter because you know you’ll win as long as you have Cerebro. Cerebro is important for C3, but it’s not enough on its own; you need to get the other pieces as soon as possible. Crystal hasn’t seen a play in a while, but she has finally found a home in Cerebro.


Marvel Snap Card Bast

The only thing that would make C2 better than Cerebro is Bast. Still, Bast can boost every card in your deck to the right level of power, even cards that wouldn’t normally work in that deck.

It’s enough to just make Cerebro stronger; the card is getting the most out of its spot. The only bad thing about Bast is that it takes up a lot of room on the board. To get around this, you should use it to improve at least two cards. You can also use it as a sacrifice on destroy places or just kill it with Killmonger, which is another natural addition to C3.

Iron Man

Marvel Snap Card Iron Man

Iron Man might not be the first card that comes to mind when making a Cerebro deck, but his ability is so powerful that he’s been added to all kinds of decks. He’s one of the best zero-power cards for a reason. You’re trying to use that lack of power to your benefit.

Iron Man won’t change the difference in power between your cards; instead, he’ll just double the total power, which means you pretty much win that spot. But what makes him great is that when you play him after Bast, Cerebro buffs him even more, giving you the power to fight any powerful combination on turn seven, like Infinaut and She Hulk.


Marvel Snap Card Storm

What makes C2 so good is that it has a lot of cards that are good on their own. One of them is Storm, which is already a very strong defense card. You want her not only because she can lock down areas, but also because she can get rid of trouble spots.

It all depends on what you want to do first when planning a Storm play. If you have Storm as your priority, you can still play units even if they play Juggernaut. Plus, you can play Echo where you want to Storm, so strong cards like Darkhawk won’t mess up your plan.

Blue Marvel

Marvel Snap Card Blue Marvel

Blue Marvel has three power, but he’s more of a C2 card. Even though he makes everyone stronger, he won’t get the Cerebro buff in C3. That’s only possible in C2, when he makes everyone stronger to three, making his power the same as everyone else’s.

Blue Marvel is like Iron Man in that it’s a constant five-drop that makes your game better. Blue Marvel, on the other hand, makes everyone stronger, which makes his spot less important. To escape heavy counters, it would be best to have him and Cerebro in different places.


Marvel Snap Card Goose

When Goose is put correctly, he can make many of your opponents run away because he makes it so hard to play. When Storm locks down a different lane, you can see that C2’s power is not in its numbers, but in its ability to mess things up.

Have cards like Echo and Spider-Ham in your deck, and even if you don’t draw Cerebro, you might still win by killing cards. Watch out for Zabu, because many strong four-costs can now easily sneak into Goose’s area. However, because Cerebro makes your cards stronger, Darkhawk might not even be able to beat your power when he sneaks in.


Marvel Snap Card Magik

Magik gets so much power for how much she costs that she can be in either C2 or C3. Since she is a two-power herself, it’s clear that she fits better in C2. If you don’t have cards like Crystal to draw, having an extra turn can save your life. When you have everything you need, you can always trick your opponent by playing Storm on Limbo, which ends Backrooms Game early and lets you steal the win.

In C3, Magik and Crystal together make it likely that you’ll always have your combo pieces. In the worst case, Magik will just take up a slot and not affect the Cerebro buff. But with Bast, it’s easy for Magik to join the group of strong cards.

Luke Cage

Marvel Snap Card Luke Cage

Luke Cage became well-known in the C2 version and has since been in almost all of the Cerebro versions. Cerebro might not always help him, but his help is very useful because it lets you avoid both bad places like the sewers and your opponent’s cards, like Scorpion.

Luke is also very useful for C3 with Bast, so there’s no reason not to use him. In C2, it’s easy to see why you might want to use Hazmat, but then you’d have to rely on both Cerebro and Luke for every fight.


Marvel Snap Card Mystique

Mystique is used in every single Cerebro deck. She’s what makes the deck work in the end, because giving every card a plus two is nice, but giving them all a plus four wins the game. Every single card we’ve talked about so far can connect with Mystique in some way.

Cards like Blue Marvel or Iron Man are there because of Mystique. That way, when you don’t draw Cerebro, you still have a target to copy with her. The deck rises to the top because of her dependability and power. Just remember to spread out where your active cards are placed in case you get an Enchantress.