10 Best Valorant Agents To Play On Haven

With these Valorant characters, you can take control of this map.

Haven is a fun map to play in any game mode. It was the first Valorant map with three sites. There are three ways to attack, which makes defense hard. You will either have to fight for angles and win or play for retakes. It’s also hard to attack because flanks and turns can happen quickly.

You can find the best agents who tend to do well on the map to make your time on Haven the most fun and useful. Since the number of agents is always going up, it might be hard to choose one. This part will help you out because it has the ten best Valorant agents for you to play as.

Raze, Duelist

An image of Valorant's Raze agent menu.

When you play as a Duelist on Haven, Raze is a great choice. You should definitely choose Jett, but if your team wants a two-Duelist setup, you could choose Raze instead.

You can use the Paint Shells on areas where your opponents are likely to be camping, like A Sewers/Short, to do a lot of damage. Besides that, the Boombot will help you a lot, and you can use them to lead the attack of your team. You should be good at moving through the air and using the Showstopper ultimate, though, if you want to play the agent.

Skye, Initiator

An image of Valorant's Skye agent menu.

Skye is one of the best Initiators because it works so well on that map. Her flashes will work well in the small gaps on all three sites, and they are easy to use around A main to get rid of Valorant player holding the angle with an Operator. You can also use her Trailblazer to look ahead when your team is going forward on the attack.

Skye will help the team even more because she can heal her friends. Last but not least, her ultimate, Guiding Light, will tell you where the enemies are.

Astra, Controller

An image of Valorant's Astra

Astra is a good candidate for the Controller job in the Valorant’s Haven map, and her skills will work well in most situations. The smokes she gives off will mostly help you hide your angles when you enter places, like Garage on C or Heaven and Defender Spawn on A.

The agent’s concuss or pull can also be useful, and you can use them if you see that the enemies are using the same strategy. Astra’s Cosmic Divide will also be useful, and any of the places can be committed to or retaken with it.

Neon, Duelist

An image of Valorant's Neon agent

Neon is another great Duelist on this list. Since there are three different places, her ability to run quickly will help her a lot as she rotates. She can also find her Fast Lane to be useful, and they can help make the way in clear.

On top of that, you can carefully use her Relay Bolt to stun enemies, which will help you get in through places like Garage or C Long. Finally, the agent’s ultimate power can be very useful in Eco rounds, and it can definitely help you get some frags.

Cypher, Sentinel

An image of Valorant's Cypher agent menu.

Cypher is a safe choice if you want an agent that can pretty much run a site by itself. His tripwires can be put near the entrances to the sites, and they will let you know if an enemy tries to get through them.

The agent’s camera will also be great for getting information about the enemies, and you can put it in places like around A Heaven where no one will suspect it. You can put the cages around the trips for now, and you can use them whenever you see an opponent charging. Eventually, the ultimate power can be used on the dead enemies to find out where the other enemies are.

Sova, Initiator

An image of Valorant's Sova

If you’re playing the Valorant map, you shouldn’t miss Sova. He’s an initiate, and the information he can give you could help you win. You can learn the reveal lineups for common sites like C Site, A Short and Long, and B Site so that you can tell your friends where to go no matter what site you are attacking.

You can also use the Owl Drone to find out where your enemies are, and you can do this through A Short or Garage. You can also hurt enemies with Shock Darts, and you can wait to use Hunter’s Fury after planting or kill the annoying Killjoy ultimate.

Breach, Initiator

An image of Valorant's Breach agent

Most people at the higher ranks or expert level like to play Geometry Dash Subzero with two Initiators. If you want to play with Sova, Breach should be your first choice. His flashes can push opponents away from an angle, and they can also be very important when trying to get in.

On top of that, the Fault Line ability can be used properly in some situations. The Aftershock can also be saved for after the plant or used to clean up sharp edges like the right side of A Short. The last part of his kit, the Rolling Thunder ultimate, can help you win rounds where the sites aren’t very big on the map.

Omen, Controller

An image of Valorant's Omen agent

Omen is the best Controller on the map, and he’s great for making bold moves. His Shrouded Steps let you cross angles without being seen, and they can also help you get to angles that are hard to guess, like the top of Boxes on A Site.

His smokes can block off sides even more, and because they last a long time, they stop quick pushes. Besides this, he can use his Paranoia flash to blind enemies and kill them while entering places. As an added bonus, his ultimate lets you teleport to any place on the map, though Hell on the A site is a popular choice.

Killjoy, Sentinel

An image of Valorant's Killjoy agent

Killjoy is the best Sentinel to use in Valorant, and her tools can make or break Valorant. You can basically use her gun to hold angles like C Long or to attack with backstab alert on the side that is attacking. She also has the Alarmbot, which you can put in places like Garage to find out where enemies might be moving.

When the spike is in place, the Nanoswarms can be used in after-plant situations just like Hunter’s Fury. When we talk about the ultimate, you can use it to commit to a spot because it can push the other Valorant players off of it.

Jett, Duelist

An image of Valorant's Jett agent menu.

You should mostly choose Jett as your Duelist if you want to play that part on this map. On Haven, you need a Valorant player holding an angle with Operator, and Jett is perfect for that job thanks to her Dash, which lets her quickly run away.

You can, however, use her Updraft to get on the boxes on the C site or in other places, and the smokes can give you cover for a short time. If you can shoot well, Blade Storm, your ultimate ability, will work great for you, and you can score a few kills with it.