10 Weapons To Use Against Rotjaw In Hunt: Showdown

Hit Rotjaw with these tools to make sure you win the fight with the alligator.

You should not play The Bayou of Hunt: Showdown if you are easily scared. Worms and enemy hunters are always looking for blood and prizes in the swampy wilderness. It’s already hard to stay alive here, and now there’s a boss hiding in the dark water.

And that is Rotjaw. She is half-dead, so she doesn’t like having new people in her home. You and she can both move freely in the watery parts of the swamp because she is a roaming boss. You’ll need some good guns to get back home safely when your boss is this tough.

LeMat Revolver

hunt showdown lemat weapon being used

The LeMat isn’t the best weapon for the job, but it gets its spot as a good backup pistol for when you need to use a heavier one. It doesn’t have the best main fire, but for a pistol, it’s pretty good.

That second fire, which is a shotgun shell, is very strong when Rotjaw gets too close. This is a good choice if you’re low on or out of ammunition for your main weapon or if you like to duel-wield guns while still having room in your loadout for a melee weapon.

Winfield M1873

hunt showdown winfield repeater

If you have the right traits, repeaters are always a good choice when meeting a boss. Rotjaw is no different. You should have the Winfield because it is accurate and does a lot of damage.

Even though it won’t get you to Rotjaw quickly, it will get you there, do steady damage to her, and then get you out of the swamp without much trouble. When you add Iron Repeater, you become a powerful player, even when you’re not fighting a boss.

1893 Slate

hunt showdown pair of ornate slate shotguns on table

When you want to bring a shotgun to an alligator fight, the 1893 Slate is the best choice because it stands out from the rest. The only bad thing about this gun is that you have to be close unless you use slugs, which is also a good idea.

As soon as you’re just close enough, let go and move back if you need to. Dragon breath rounds aren’t good for the water, so don’t use them.

Caldwell Conversion Chain

Hunt Showdown Caldwell Conversion Chain Pistol

A pistol might not be the best thing to bring to a boss fight. You can’t just call the Caldwell Chains a gun, though. You’ll have a strong tool to fight Rotjaw with if you have one in each hand, even if you’re under water. The best way to use these guns is to find a safe place on land where you can fire them into Rotjaw.

‘s side while the rest of your team kits her. But keep an eye on your reload; it takes a long time.

Mosin Nagan Avtomat

hunt showdown beat up avtomat rifle

An interesting change to a bolt-action gun that is usually very popular. You either love or hate the Avtomat, but if you know how to use it right, it will help you win this fight.

To use this gun against Rotjaw, all you have to do is keep hold of it. It might be tempting to start the fight by firing one magazine after another into the creature’s mouth, but that will only get you a floaty body. Get as close as you can and fire as hard as you can. If she gets too close or your health starts to drop, move away.


Hunt Showdown Crossbow

It’s not a clear choice, but it could be useful in the right hands. Before you use a crossbow to fight a boss, though, make sure you’ve played a few games with it. There are a few different types of ammo that work really well with the basic crossbow, but the good ammo really makes it shine.

Bombs are the best way to win this fight. As extra ammunition, equip a few explosive bolts for the boss fight. For any grunts or other animals you fight in between, have regular bolts ready.

Sparks LRR

Hunt Showdown Sparks LRR

It’s a heavy gun, but you’ll need it to be able to break through Rotjaw’s iron-hard scales. While it does good damage, keep in mind that it only fires one shot when planning your approach for this weapon.

If you’re on a team with other Drive Mad players, this makes you a good heavy-damage dealer. Save your ammo for the boss fight and the escape that follows. It might take a while to learn how to aim this gun, but it’s well worth the time.

Vetterli Karabiner

hunt showdwon vetterli up close black and white

The Vetterli Karabiner is on the list because it takes fighting seriously and is accurate and strong in most situations. It might not be the best at any one stat, but this weapon is very versatile and can do almost anything you ask of it.

Thus, it is ideal for a battle with Rotjaw. You should find a good spot in the middle of the room where you can shoot the boss. You can do a lot of damage if you keep at it because it’s accurate enough.

Nitro Express

Hunt Showdown Nitro Express weapon on both sides lying on a table

Without a doubt, the Nitro Express is an elephant gun, but it could also be used against snakes. One bad thing about the Nitro Express is that it doesn’t give you much ammo. To get to and from the target, you should equip a backup weapon and save the Nitro ammo for Rotjaw. The rest is easy; just aim your shot and get ready to do a lot of damage. You can’t miss very often, though, so make sure you can aim well.

Bomb Lance

Hunt Showdown Bomb Lance weapon on a table

Since it’s so powerful in any fight, the Bomb Lance is a favorite among people who like to fight close up or want to end a fight quickly. Rotjaw’s bites are very dangerous, so you shouldn’t use the Bomb Lance’s close-range attack on her. However, it is good to have if you run out of other ammunition.

The charge at the end of this weapon is what makes it work. Put one of the charges between her scales as soon as she comes up for air. This will take a lot of her health away. Just make sure that your friends aren’t close.