Black Dog Price in India: Benefits of Drinking Whiskey

I bet you don’t know the current updated Black Dog Price in India. Right? This fastest-growing whiskey brand has changed the bottle price. So, for those who love drinking this brand with friends and family, I will let you know the Black Dog scotch whisky price in India.

Which brand do you try on a special occasion? I am sure you may have a long list of whiskey brands. Have you included Black Dog there? No? I guess you have not tasted that. Otherwise, you will not miss it.

The Black Dog Scotch whisky is a premium spirit renowned for its smooth and rich flavor. Available in various expressions, it caters to discerning whisky enthusiasts in India. With a heritage dating back to 1883, Black Dog continues to be a symbol of exceptional craftsmanship and unparalleled quality in the Indian market.

Black Dog Price In India

Black Dog is one of the best alcohol brands that gives a smooth taste while drinking. Whenever someone talks to me about a whiskey brand, I always recommend trying Black Dog first and keeping other brands on second priority.

You might be wondering about Black Dog Price in India. So before you try, see the list given below.

A Complete List of Black Dog Price in India (2024)

While researching on top alcohol websites, I found that there is a sudden change in the price as per the new taxation rules. Have a look-

Black Dog Price in Delhi

If you are living in Delhi, the table below is for you. Not only the price, you will also get to know bottle ML.

Brand Name Bottle ML  Price
Black dog delhi price (Black Reserve) 2000 4221
Black dog triple gold reserve 375 1096
Black dog triple gold reserve 750 2191
Black dog triple gold reserve 2000 5900

Black Dog Price in Bangalore

There has been an update on Black Dog Price in India. If you are living in Bangalore, check the below table. It will help you to know the latest price based on the bottle ML.

Brand Name Bottle ML  Price
Black dog 375ml  375 1200-1240
Black dog 750ml  750 2430-2460
Black dog 1000ml  1000 3230-3260

Black dog price in Maharashtra

Living in Maharashtra and don’t know the latest price of Black Dog brand? You come to the right place. I will show you a new update list black dog bottle price in India

Brand Name Bottle ML  Price
Black dog 180 350 to 380 
Black dog 375 720 to 750 
Black dog 750 1470 to 1500 
Black dog 1000 1970 to 2000 

Black Dog Price in Assam

Brand Name Bottle ML  Price
Black dog quarter 180 350 to 380
Black dog triple gold reserve 750 3000 to 3050
Black dog 750ml 750 1430 to 1460
Black dog 1000 1920 to 1950
Black dog black reserve 750 1890 to 1910
Black dog 12 years 750 N/A
Black dog whisky  90 190 to 210

Black Dog Price in UP

Uttar Pradesh is a state where most people drink this whiskey brand. If you are also the one who choose Black dog on a special occasions, have a look at the table price given below-

Brand Name Bottle ML  Price
Black dog 90 140 to 180
Black dog quarter 180 270 to 300
Black dog 375 530 to 550
Black dog 750 1060 to 1080
Black dog scotch whisky  1000 1430 to 1460
Black dog reserve 750 1450 to 1500
Black dog centenary black reserve 750 2490 to 2520
Black dog triple gold reserve 750 3030 to 3080

Top Benefits of Drinking Whiskey

I have shared a list of a few states above with updated Black Dog Price in India. Now. Let’s read some of the best benefits of drinking the best whiskey brands. Keep reading-

  • No More Heart Disease Risk

During research, I found out that drinking a glass of whiskey brand like Black Dog can help in reducing the risk of heart disease and heart failure. Also, I got to know that drinking whiskey increases the amount of “good cholesterol” in your blood. Are you ready to try whiskey from today? Above, I told you which whiskey brand to try.

  • Open the Doors for Weight Loss

Have you tried everything for weight loss but failed to lose? I have a great suggestion to help. Drink a glass of whiskey every day as it has very little sodium and no fat, which is wonderful for you. I know beer drinkers have experienced weight gain, but you must switch towards whiskey brands like Black Dog. Whiskey involves simple sugar, so there would be no problem.

  • Eliminate Stress from your Life

Do you need a break from your day-to-day hectic life? Why not drink a glass of whiskey? It will solve your problem of anxiety and high stress. But you should not rely only on alcohol as it can harm you. But keep this option on your stress-removing list. We are sure it will help you.

  • Helps in Reducing Dementia Risk

Have you heard about the Dementia problem? Mostly, elderly people face this problem, and unfortunately, there is no cure yet for this problem. During research, what I found was drinking whiskey once a week can help with this problem. So, if anyone in your known is facing this problem, tell them to drink a glass of whiskey once a week to reduce this problem. But don’t make it a habit by drinking every day.

  • Best in Short Term Memory Retention

Now, who is saying that whiskey will help the brain to keep working the way it should. Well, this is actually very true! No matter what brand you choose to drink, antioxidants are wonderful not only for preventing dementia but also can help your memory. If you love drinking alcohol to a limit, I am sure you are happy to know this outstanding advantage of drinking whiskey.


You might be familiar with the Black Dog and its history behind introducing it, but most of you are not up-to-date on Black Dog Price in India. I have given you all the information as I have shared the names of a few Indian states where the price has been changed. Plus, you also learned the best benefits of drinking top-brand whiskey. For more questions on Black Dog Price in India, drop in our comment section. Black Dog Scotch whisky, a revered brand in India since 1883, presents a range of exquisite options with varied pricing.

The widely favored Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve, available in a 750ml bottle, offers a moderate to premium price range, ensuring accessibility for diverse whisky enthusiasts. For a more exclusive experience, the Black Dog Reserve collection, featuring aged variants like the 18-Year-Old and 21-Year-Old, commands a higher price point, reflecting their refined craftsmanship. Prices may fluctuate based on location and other factors, but Black Dog remains a symbol of sophistication and quality in the Indian whisky market.