Cabinet Type Residential Storage Battery

CalionPower 6000 Cycle Lifepo4 Rack-Mount Battery: Reliable Residential Storage

As renewable energy solutions become more integral to our daily lives, the need for reliable and efficient energy storage is paramount. Enter the CalionPower 6000 Cycle Lifepo4 Rack-Mount Battery – a game-changer in residential energy storage solutions. This high-capacity, long-life battery system offers unparalleled reliability and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for homeowners looking to optimize their power supply.


The Ultimate Residential Storage Battery

CalionPower 6000 Cycle Server Rack-Mount Battery is designed to meet the demands of modern homes with high energy needs. Here’s a closer look at why this battery stands out:

Key Specifications:

  • Model: CJJ-51.2100
  • Nominal Voltage: 51.2V
  • Nominal Capacity: 500Ah
  • Energy (Wh): 25660Wh
  • Dimensions (mm): L535 x W425 x H960
  • Weight (Kg): 190Kg
  • Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 43.2V (16S)
  • Charge Cut-off Voltage: 58.4V (16S)
  • Communication Ports: RS485, RS232, CAN
  • Cell Serial Number (pcs): 16S
  • Working Temperature/°C: -10~60°C
  • Design Life: 10+ Years (25°C/77°F)
  • Cycle Life: >6000 (25°C/77°F, 80%DOD)
  • Certification: CE/UN38.3
  • Parallel Connections Support: Up to 15
  • Maximum Continuous Charge Current: 100A
  • Maximum Continuous Discharge Current: 100A

6000 Cycle Server Rack-mount 48v 51.2v 100ah 200ah 5kwh to 25kwh Lifepo4 Residential Storage Battery

Why Choose CalionPower?

  1. Exceptional Cycle Life

With a cycle life exceeding 6000 cycles, the CalionPower Lifepo4 battery ensures longevity and consistent performance. This makes it a cost-effective investment for long-term energy storage.

  1. High Capacity and Scalability

Offering a capacity range from 5kWh to 25kWh, this battery is versatile and scalable, accommodating various energy needs. Whether you need a single unit or multiple batteries in parallel, CalionPower provides the flexibility to expand as your energy requirements grow.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Designed for maximum efficiency, the Lifepo4 technology minimizes energy loss during storage and discharge, ensuring you get the most out of every charge. This translates to lower energy costs and a smaller carbon footprint.

  1. Robust and Reliable

Built to withstand extreme temperatures (-10~60°C), this battery is reliable in diverse environmental conditions. Its robust design and high-quality components ensure durability and a long operational life.

  1. Easy Integration

The rack-mount design simplifies installation and integration into existing home energy systems. The communication ports (RS485, RS232, CAN) enable seamless connectivity and monitoring, allowing you to keep track of your energy usage and battery health.


Applications and Benefits

The CalionPower 6000 Cycle Lifepo4 Rack-Mount Battery is perfect for various residential applications:

  • Backup Power Supply: Ensure your home remains powered during outages, providing peace of mind and uninterrupted daily activities.
  • Renewable Energy Storage: Store excess energy generated from solar panels or wind turbines for use when production is low, maximizing your renewable energy utilization.
  • Cost Savings: Reduce your reliance on grid electricity, lowering your energy bills and protecting against rising energy costs.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Contribute to a greener planet by utilizing a battery system that supports sustainable energy practices.



CalionPower 6000 Cycle Lifepo4 Rack-Mount Battery is more than just a storage solution; it’s a commitment to reliability, efficiency, and sustainability. Whether you are looking to enhance your home’s energy independence or simply need a robust backup system, this battery offers the performance and durability you need.

Explore the future of residential energy storage with CalionPower and take the first step towards a more sustainable and energy-efficient home.