Choose The Perfect Patch Type To Elevate Your Style In 2024

The bag that you carry every day is functional, but how do you make it look fashionable too? Furthermore, your tee looks cute, but something is missing from it. What is it? Oh, right, it lacks personalization!

But how can you make your bag fashionable and personalize your tee? Is there any way to make your style stand out? There definitely is! Really, what is it? Yes, we are talking about custom emblems.

Patch up your personality by adding the perfect patches to your garments. These tiny appliques are a unique and affordable way to give personality to everything that you possess and make them look cute.

But what type of emblems to go for?

If you are thinking the same thing, then we are here to help. Read our blog to get acquainted with different types of crests to become able to choose the right one for yourself to elevate your style effortlessly.

Without any ado, let us dive right in!

The Perfect Patch To Elevate Your Style

Embroidered Patches:

You can customize embroidery patches and add them to your clothes if you want to spice up your look. These types are crafted by meticulously stitching threads onto a fabric. Being a timeless choice, these fancy appliques are ideal for personal expression as well as brand identity. They offer an ideal blend of creativity and tradition. Great!

These patches are used to personalize tees, outerwear, hats, jeans, and so much more. If you want to represent an organization or club or attend any special event, add these embroidered appliques to make the most out of your experience. And the best part? These patches are able to withstand frequent washing and thus last longer than the other types.

Woven Patches:

Similar to embroidered appliques, these types distinguish themselves by their finer threads. They feature intricate designs that are tailored by artistically weaving various threads together. Such fine work!

Being flat to the touch and having no raised texture, these embellishments are perfect if you want to represent an organization, club, or any other special event. Moreover, they are also the perfect choice if you want to show off an emblem or a logo.

Chenille Patches:

Rev up your aesthetics by using these types of appliques. Being made of a felt base and soft chenille yarn these types are ideal if you love fuzzy and raised textures. To be fair and honest, technically everyone loves these cute and fun patches. How can one not?

However, due to their fuzzy details, it becomes challenging to highlight intricate details on them. Nonetheless, these types are perfect for creating varsity letters and are highly sought after by the sports and fashion industries.

Leather Patches:

Drenched with history, these fancy appliques radiate sophistication and class. They are perfect to make a statement on your jeans, bags, shoes, hats, outerwear, and so much more. Blending sturdiness with style, these patches require minimal care and can serve you for ages and ages. Such types are generally used to cover up a tear or hole in clothing. So, convenient!

Moreover, they also make perfect presents to give to your loved ones. So, if you are confused about what to present your best friend on his birthday, maybe a leather patch will brighten up his day. The best part is that they will carry it with them for many years.

Magnet Patches:

The perfect combination of versatility and convenience comes with the power of magnets. This is why, magnet patches are ideal for those who cherish versatility. These magnet appliques effortlessly attach to metal surfaces, so you can also use them on refrigerators, bags, or any other surface. They are ideal for branding as well as temporary personalization.

PVC Patches:

These types are ideal for long-term wear because of their durability. Therefore, many military emblems, as well as motorcycle patches Bahrain are made up of this type. Ideal for outdoor use, these appliques are available in 2D and 3D designs. And, as the icing on the cake, they are water-resistant, thus providing flexibility, without making us compromise on the quality. Yay!

Sequin & Glitter Patches:

Spotlight sparkling sequins sewn to a fabric background. These patches are great for adding some glitz and glamour to your overall ensembles. Add sparkle to your style with these mesh-backed glitter and sequin appliques. Such types are mostly cherished by stage enthusiasts or performers.

They are made from different materials such as sequins, beads, and of course lots and lots of glitter. You can customize these appliques in any design or pattern of your choice. These appliques can be customized in any design or pattern that you like. However, you have to be extra cautious while ironing them to maintain their fanciness. If you want to add a touch of bling to your day-to-day look, then these custom sequin appliques might be your best bet.

Summing It All Up

Now you know the different types of patches that can be used to add life even to your lifeless and boring clothes. Hurry up and attach funky patches to your bag to make it look fashionable. Moreover, personalize your tee to make it look classier. There is a lot you can do with these tiny embellishments. You just have to care for them properly, and you are good to go!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How to take care of patches?

Taking care of emblems is an easy job. You just have to be attentive, and that is it. Whenever you are required to wash your patched clothes, it is advised to wash them by hand instead of a laundry machine. By doing so, you will prevent any damage to your applique’s threads. If you must use the washing machine, then turn your clothes inside out and secure any hooks and close zippers to avoid your patch threads getting snagged by them during washing.

  • What should I put my patches on?

There are limitless ways where you can put your patches on. Basically, put them on anywhere you like. For your convenience, we have listed some common places where you can attach them.

  1. Add a pop of colour to your fabric wall banner
  2. Jazz up your jackets, or shirts
  3. Personalize your bags or shoes
  4. Customize your favourite pair of jeans
  5. Blankets, cushions, and much more.
  • What are the best ways to apply patches?

The best ways for you to attach patches to your clothes are discussed below:

  1. Iron-on
  2. Fusile Web or Glue
  3. Sew-on
  4. Velcro
  5. Double-sided tape, etc.
  • How to safely store patches?

If you want your patches to last long, then the ideal way to store them is by keeping them in a cool and dark place. Make sure to keep them away from dampness and sunlight. For extra safety, you can also wrap them individually in acid-free tissue paper and place them in a plastic bag.