Common Wedding Day Glitches and How to Avoid Them as a Bride

The wedding day is a hectic one where a lot of things happens around. If you are a bride, being the connoisseur of all eyes, you want to stay away from a wardrobe malfunction and anything related to your wedding ensemble.  Bridal malfunctions and glitches associated with it can be embarrassing and can have a long lasting effect.

No matter how careful you are, no wedding is perfect. However, if you are prepared, you will know how to handle with confidence and keep your focus on your wedding’s joyful vibe.

Here are some things you can avoid to have a stress free wedding routine.

Bad neckline

Let’s get straight into the major glitch every bride experience. The right neckline is critical! An ill-fitted neckline, plunging neckline, neckline which is very tight or simply an odd shaped one is not something which you want to carry on your wedding day. Choose for styles that go we will your outfit and keep it comfortable. Never opt for a neckline just because it is in trend or you saw your favorite model flaunting it. Go for a neckline you are comfortable with, especially when it comes to the depth.

Opting out makeup trial

Now, this is one of the most common mistake majority of brides makes. Nobody wants to look like a glam doll on your wedding day.  To keep yourself away from the biggest regret on your big day, it is important to go for a makeup and hair trial so that you know exactly what look you would flaunt on your big day.

An ill-fitting choli

More than the lehenga, it has to be the blouse that must be well-fitted, as an ill fitted blouse would spoil your whole look even if its hidden under your Dupatta. It shouldn’t be too tight on the chest or plunge down as you would end up making the biggest mistake. When you go for outfit trial, if you don’t feel confident about the fit, talk to the designer and do the corrections required.

Not styling up keeping the weather in mind

The weather is a major deciding factor when it comes to choosing your wedding lehenga. Some combinations of fabrics and color might not work for some seasons. Keep lighter shades for a day wedding and darker shades for night functions as darker shades suits evening functions better. If you are having a summer wedding, choose lighter and breezy fabrics and for winter, go for fabrics like crepes and velvets, which will keep you warm and look fab.

Not choosing the right lingerie

Never think of experimenting with our lingerie on your wedding day. Lingerie makes a significant difference in your whole look as right lingerie gives you a good fit and so you can avoid looking like an ill-headed girl.

Every bride has a unique vision for her wedding that explains the efforts of months trying to make that come true. However, even after you spend lot of efforts and your valuable time to put things together, there are certain things that can go wrong at your wedding. But, worry not, as wedding glitches are common and no matter how hard you try, they can happen and there is nothing odd about it. The only thing what matters is the way you handle it. Take clues from above-discussed points and to face your wedding day with a beautiful attitude.