Turn Off Sound On Instagram Stories

How To Turn Off Sound On Instagram Stories 2023 – Full Guide

Instagram Story feature boasts an extensive range of tools to make it more engaging. From adding fun GIFs to adding songs, texts, doodles and more, you can make your story look more creative, unique and engaging.

Can I Post Both Photos And Videos on Instagram Story? 

Yes, you can post photos and videos on Instagram Story. You can choose to upload any image or video from your gallery or use the built-in Instagram camera to click a new video or photo. You can also add various filters and lenses to change the mood of a post before uploading it. 

How Can I Turn Off the Sound from A Video before Uploading it on Instagram Story? 

So, how to turn off sound on instagram stories? If a video contains background noises and sounds, you can simply mute it by tapping on the speaker icon on the top. You can add songs to a video after muting its original sound to set the mood. 

Why Can’t I Turn Off the Sound On An Instagram Story? 

Many users have been facing the issue of sound on Instagram Story. They’re not able to mute sound instagram stories

Muting the sound is important in videos containing unpleasant noises. For instance, you’re capturing a beautiful sky and your family is having a personal conversation. In such cases, turning off the sound can help you to post your images without interruptions of background noises. 

How to Turn Off Sound on Instagram Story? 

If you’re facing issues while muting the sound on an Instagram story, you must try out the following hacks to turn off your sound on an Instagram story. 

1. Reinstall the app

You must try to delete and reinstall the Instagram app to resolve the Instagram Sound issue. It might help fix the software bugs and restore the functionality of the app. 

2. Volume Rockers 

You can also turn off sound on instagram stories by holding the volume down button on your device. It is a quick and convenient method to mute the audio while viewing other Instagram stories. 

3. Silent Buttons 

You can turn off the sound on an Instagram reel by tapping on the in-app sound button at the bottom right corner of the screen. You can immediately turn off the sound while watching an Instagram reel by using this method. 

To Summarise 

Instagram users often face issues while accessing certain features. Muting Instagram stories is one of them. This issue can be easily resolved by reinstalling the app. You can also mute the original video in the edit section on your phone gallery. 

You can also turn off the sound on Instagram reels by just tapping on the screen. You can also use the in-app sound button to turn it off while viewing a reel. It is the easiest and fastest way to mute a reel. Instagram might take up to 48 hours to process your request. 

In case the issue persists, you can reach out to Instagram support and report the issue.

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