How to Use Wholesale Window Clings? The Real Talk!

How to Use Wholesale Window Clings? The Real Talk!

Have you ever considered the POP(point of purchase) display for your store? No issues at all; your queries can be solved in just a glimpse. Do you have a new product to display? Do you desire that your business should win an award for better display? Just relax! Here’s a quick answer to the prompt questions: yes, presenting you the magical wholesale window clings that can better catch the eye of the passing person. These clings convey the essential information to the onlookers that well speaks about your brand.

In today’s modern and advanced world, these are the best ways to promote and boost your business, so you must opt for this top-notch solution. These clings are the best way to stand out among the competitors and make the statement bolder and more worthwhile. Read on to this blog in order to promote your business with catchy, vibrant, and affordable clings for your store. Let’s get started!

Window Clings Vs. Window Decals

Did you notice any thin line difference in both of the above-mentioned terms? For you, they may be the same, but in reality, these are two different things used for the same purpose, that is, for advertising businesses.

Custom static window clings are made from clear white vinyl material using no adhesive but applied by using static electricity. It helps it to stick well onto the surface of a mirror or glass. They can be used on the front side of the windows and can also be hung from some plastic or metal surface, and they usually last for six months. Window decals are large stickers that use a specific adhesive to the surface like plastic, wood, metal, or glass. They do last for a longer time period.

How do You Store these Clings?

So, getting custom static cling stickers is not a big deal; the deal lies in saving and making them secure from any abrasive damage and external exposure. Once you follow the free-step guidelines, you will no longer regret anything. Here’s a guide. Let’s have a read!

  • Store these clings in a cool place, thus preventing them from heat.
  • Make sure that it is held downwards flat because it tends to curl.
  • There should be wax paper between these and should be kept in the dust and waterproof boxes
  • For even better results, they should be stored in the vinyl record cases.

Practical Application of Custom Static Clings

Heading over to the practical applications, you will be benefited throughout the whole discussion. Here is a list of uses or applications that can effectively enhance your way of displaying and presenting. Please have a good read on the below-mentioned points.

  • Clean the Surface

When you are going to apply static cling stickers, make sure that the surface should be cleaned thoroughly. That is because if any dirt or grim will be there, then it will become difficult for the clings to be stuck on the surface. As a result, you will wipe it with a microfibre cloth or any other material that can run smoothly on the surface, thus making it perfect to stick the clings on it. Try not to forget this first and important step.

  • Placement

Now, coming towards the next step of the procedure that is placement. The well-placed and perfectly aligned custom stickers can give a good impression to the viewers. If your cling is crooked, it will sound sloppy to the onlookers, so the best way is to measure the central points using different instruments and tape. This will help you a lot in perfectly placing the cling in the right place.

  • Methods of Application

Specifically, there are two methods for applying stickers and labels, out of which two are mentioned below. Let’s give it a read!

  • Dry method

In this method, you can easily place the window cling on the window and then rub your hand over the surface to make it stick well on the surface. However, this may leave some bubbles, but using a flat scraper or running a credit card on it can give a seamlessly finished look.

  • Wet method

When the surface is a little wet, custom printed stickers will stick well on the window surface. This can be done by using a water spray bottle, and it will reduce the chances of creating ripples and bubbles. Thus perfectly making it stick onto the surface more well.

  • Use For Promotion

Small custom stickers can work greatly as a promotional tool for businesses like yours. As they are quite inexpensive, it is reliable to afford them and use them for spreading brand awareness. This is a creative and innovative way of featuring your brand and product among the intended audience.

They are Temporary Signage

Create custom stickers that will no longer offend you instead, they defend you at every cost. The best thing about adopting these static clings is that they can be stuck for a temporary time. You can easily remove and wipe them off after a month or a week.

Best Clings; Are Reusable!

Yes, the amazing thing about buying custom stickers from CustomBoxesMarket is that there is  no minimum order limit and they can be reused again and again. You can easily move them over your window front and can remove them at any time when the need is over. They provide you with greater flexibility in every aspect.

Closing the Discussion!

Wholesale window clings are the best and most versatile option to proceed ahead. This will make your business shine like never because the marketing and advertising they pay will be remembered as the perfect decision was taken at the right time. So, you must think about the relevancy it creates throughout the journey. It’s better to engage with the creative and artistic touch of window clings.