Importance of knowing on Media take out

Importance of knowing on Media take out

Media take out is an urban news platform and it is widely known for its timely publication of the happenings in African American entertainment industry which covers emphasis on music, movies, fashion, Lifestyle and comedy. Currently media take out is the most popular platform that has developed around the lifestyle, social life, private of African American celebrities. Media take out is the largest and most visited urban gossip website in the world and the estimated number covered the site is above 16 million readers monthly it is a huge break out for this website. Media take out is widely famous for capturing the exclusive breaking stories that are scooped up by the like so CNN, TMZ and other popular media outlets in the world.

Additional information of media take out

Media take out is a famous news blog that has recorded a serious of milestone achievement that includes its ability to place the African American Hip Hop culture with the wider and larger map. This media take out platform has not only brought its founder money but also it has been promoted the underground mainstream of African American entertainers. The news blog Publishes exciting different story that is developed around the environment at it is instructing the world on the essence of morality.


Fred Mwangaguhunga has founded this media take out website since he noticed that there was a gap in the market for a gossip site which focused on African American celebrities immediately he was told at the time that this type of site would never take off because there won’t be enough people who are very much interested to view this site. Still he did not consider those words he started the websites successfully day by day later the website became successful and now it is one of the most popular website around the world. Fred Mwangaguhunga has practiced as a lawyer before when he started media take out and he is graduated from the New York City and he has received two degrees from Columbia University.

Blog style

Media take out website started the life as a blog and it is still written in the style of the healthy stories written as an individual post and the tone of writing is fairly in formal. His wife works as a deputy editor at media take out website on the homepage preference is given to the present new stories and these are the ones which has attracted the people the most.

Negative feedbacks

A most of the people from the celebrity side raises the complaint that there are lot of rumours and unconformity stories has been published in media take out website. But still Fred did not consider. He initially started as a small business and then judiciously utilized the funds in order to maintain the Profitability and he has grown organically from media take out website

Most visited urban website in the world

It has been proved that media take out is one of the most visited urban website in the world and that is no official confirmation that this site is known and it has been visited by over 30 million people and it consistently ranks in top 10000 websites on Alexa. Mediatakeout receives most of the stories from the people who are very close to the celebrities in and they always spend with them with the occasions as a family member or as a staff in order to gather the information. Most of the time media take out attracts the people by posting sensational headlines in which the people attention will grab the zone. Thus the headlines of the media take out are known for being very sensationalist and the headlines are often talked much more regarding the content of the article. Most of the time media take out just not report what other people conveys the message they broke several high profile stories themselves in order to attract the peoples. It is believed that more stories the day could have broken but decided to keep quite so people will be very much eager to gather the information of the celebrity from the media take out website.

Media take out upset with kanye West

At one time Fred had good relationship with kanye West but it does not went last since it reviewed a collection of clothing with best launched at Madison Square Garden and it was not very complimentary about it. Kanye West objected to the media takeout and they did not agree to take another look at the clotting line which date it and posted another review which was more positive however he was still not happy and the relationship between them was broken.

Face book has substantially increased the traffic

The rising popularity of the social media as been very beneficial by attracting more traffic to the site the amount of traffic which has been received has increased automatically since they have been on Face book. In this Face book the people can take straight through the link on the site and they can share their articles that they are reading on Face book which is the awareness and interest in the site automatically increases so it is one of the greatest advantage for the media take out website and most of the people was attracted to it. Gradually visitors to the site have been increased and the media take out website has been become most popular around the world.


Media take out future plan is to expand into TV and radio this has already became and the original dating show is currently broadcasting from the homepage of this media take out website. It is one of the popular show which broadcast new episodes per week but in time it is expected that there will be several different shows running every day. Media take out is the popular urban visited website around the world and it has become most famous by posting individual post in the website.