lost voter id card online application form

When you are a voter, you must know about the process of applying for your Voter ID Card online. This will help ensure that you can register as a voter and cast your vote during the election. You can follow up on these steps:

lost voter id card online application form
lost voter id card online application form
  • Read this guide carefully.
  • Go through all the information given here to understand each step of registering yourself as an eligible voter or update your details in case any change has occurred since the last registration.
  • If you have any queries regarding this process, please ask them in the comments section below!

Hello, Sir.

Hello, Sir.

It’s more than a greeting; it’s also an opening line that can make or break your business communication. If you’re not careful, you could make mistakes that leave people annoyed, annoyed with you and even less likely to buy from you again. Here are some tips for crafting the perfect first line:

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I am a resident of your area.

If you are writing to the police station on behalf of your parents, mention their names and address.

The name of the police station where you want to get a duplicate voter ID card should be mentioned in the letter.

The name and designation of the person writing this application should be mentioned in the letter.

I have lost my voter id card.

I have lost my Voter ID Card. Please issue me a duplicate voter ID card.

Kindly re-issue my Voter ID Card to me as it has been misplaced.

I want to apply for a new Voter ID card based on a change of name, address or other particulars.

Name: Ashok Kumar

Name: Ashok Kumar

Address: #-323, 11th Cross, 3rd Main, 4th Phase, JP Nagar, Bangalore

Father’s Name: Ram Kumar

Date of Birth: 24-11-1982 (24/11/1982)

Address: #-323, 11th Cross, 3rd Main, 4th Phase, JP Nagar, Bangalore

The address of the voter ID card should be as follows:

  • #-323, 11th Cross, 3rd Main, 4th Phase, JP Nagar, Bangalore.
  • The holder’s father’s name is John Kunnappa.
  • The holder’s mother’s name is Mary Kunnappa.
  • The spouse’s name is Annamma Kannan.

father’s name: Ram Kumar

father’s name: Ram Kumar

Welcome to the official website of India. This is an essential website for everyone who can’t find a job, but if you have some computer skills and knowledge, then this is the best place for you. All you need is just one click, and you will get your voter id card online application form or any other document on this website.

Date of birth: 24-11-1982 (24/11/1982)

Date of birth: 24-11-1982 (24/11/1982)

It would help if you remembered that the date format should be DD/MM/YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY. So, for example, if your date of birth is 24 Nov 1982, it will be written as “24” instead of “24 Nov”.

If anyone tries to misuse it, you can contact me on my mobile number 9812345678.

If anyone tries to misuse it, you can contact me on my mobile number 9812345678.

My Voter ID Card Number is 12345678910.

My Voter ID State in Kerala.

My Voter ID District is Ernakulam.

My Voter ID Election Commission ID Number is 11111111000001111111101011111100000111111110101111111101010000000000.

My Voter ID Issue Date is 01/04/2019, and my expiry date is 31 Mar 2024

Thanking you

We thank you for your time and effort in filling out this form. We look forward to your return and hope that the information we have provided has been helpful.

I appreciate your help

Take care of your essential documents and identity card, and do not give them to anyone.

As you are aware, the voter ID card is an important document that gives you the right to vote. So, it is advisable not to give away your voter id card or other essential documents. You should also make sure that no one else can see your records.

You should keep them in a safe place and don’t lose them. You could misplace or carelessly place them somewhere, and someone might find them and use them for their purpose.


We’re very sorry that the voter ID card has been lost. Don’t worry; we will help you get a duplicate voter ID card issued. All you need to do is fill out the online application form and submit it online. Then, visit your nearest election office with all required documents and submit them there. Once your application gets approved, your new voter ID card will be issued within 15 working days from the submission date. If you have any questions regarding this process or want more details about how to apply for a duplicate voter ID card online? please contact us at 888-999-0001