Men’s Fashion – 10 Outfit Ideas to make you Look More Attractive

man in suit jacket sitting down

Men’s fashion usually stays on the sidelines compared to women’s fashion; this happens because people consider women’s fashion to be more diverse. Another reason for men’s fashion being less prominent is that men themselves don’t give much attention to their style and usually wear the same clothes as other men because they think they only have a handful of options. However, this is not the case as men’s fashion, if done right, can also be distinctive and attractive.

A great sense of style is the gateway for most men to charm the opposite gender, make them feel respected in front of other men, and create a clear personal image. It has also been seen that men who put effort into their unique style often put effort into other aspects of their lives, making them much more attractive.

Although if you are one of those people who think men’s fashion is dull, repetitious, and uninspiring, then you are at the right place because we will make you reconsider your outlook regarding men’s fashion. Here are ten outfit ideas that would instantly make you look more attractive and fashionable.

  1. A Well-Tailored Suit

A suit symbolizes a man wanting to show everyone that he is going for a powerful and successful look; it also shows that the guy wearing a suit has put effort into his fashion statement. So, right off the bat, if you want to achieve that attractive look by overpowering every other guy in the room, then you should go for a well-tailored suit.

You must notice that we’re stressing “well-tailored,” which is because the right fit always plays a crucial role in making a man look dapper in a suit. The right fit is essential because psychology tells us that a V-shaped body is considered healthy and more attractive and a well-tailored suit helps us achieve that.

The label in the jacket is made to add width to your chest; the shoulders are made in a way so you look broader and the bottom is intentionally cut closer to your body to give you a slim look.

  1. Versatile Leather Jackets

The men’s leather jacket is the only piece of clothing that enables a guy to achieve two entirely different looks. If you want to look attractive while staying classy, you can opt for lightweight leather jackets and stick with standard colors such as black and brown. The smooth and light texture would make you look rugged as well as elegant.

However, if you are going for that whole rough vibe, leather jackets should be your go-to as they enable you to achieve that style. Even if you wear t-shirts, the addition of a leather jacket can instantly transform you into the most attractive guy in the room. You can achieve the bad-boy vibe by wearing leather jackets that are loaded with zippers and patches.

Either your goal is to look classy or edgy, a men’s leather jacket can quickly boost your style from bland to compelling.

  1. The Comfy Athletic Wear

Wearing athletic wear on any typical day is becoming a rapidly growing trend in men’s fashion these days. These athletic items give off a relaxed vibe, are very affordable, and can be worn occasionally. In order to look attractive and up to the minute, every man should pay attention to the street fashion trend.

Another trend of this category widely known among fashion enthusiasts is ‘athleisure.’ This is the category of outfits based on the combination of athletic wear and leisure items. These mainly consist of primary clothing articles such as hoodies, t-shirts, trousers, and joggers.

  1. Loose Hoodies with Fit Pants

Wearing loose tops with fit bottoms is a great way to tell the world that you have put thought into the way you dress; the style looks relaxed as well as calculated. Wearing loose hoodies with fit bottoms is the best way to attain the laid-back style; however, it is essential to recognize the difference between loose and baggy clothing.

Many men overdo the loose clothing factor by wearing baggy clothes, which ruin their appearance and make them look like something they are not.

  1. Denim-On-Denim

Wearing denim with denim can be tricky, but it has the potential to have a mesmerizing impact on other people. It can also turn into a nightmare very quickly if not done correctly.

When men hear about denim, the first thing that comes to their mind is jeans, but we are not talking about only jeans. A classy denim jacket can do wonders for your fashion statement when paired with a loose-fitted shirt and denim jeans. It is crucial that you get the colors right, as using proper shades can help flatter your body.

Another factor that makes this style look attractive is the jeans. It is crucial that your jeans fit and you don’t wear something loose. There are a few options, such as straight-fit jeans, skin-fit jeans, and tapered jeans.

  1. Chinos with Casual Shirts

Chinos are a fantastic bottom wear choice as they provide a chic and casual look and have a strong appeal. Chinos bring forth an ocean of colors that you can cooperate with simple shirts and t-shirts. You can pair dark chinos with light hue shirts and natural hues such as khaki, beige, and tan. These colors can efficiently be paired with darker shirts for a contrasting combo.

  1. Madras Short Sleeves

Losing sleeves can turn out to be chic on many occasions; wearing short-sleeve madras shirts with solid colors shorts like blue, black, or gray can allow you to emit an incredible and attractive appeal. You can also add white sneakers with this combo to give away a calm and relaxed vibe.

  1. Colorful Flannel Shirts

Colorful flannel shirts provide a vibrant look that you can utilize for a trendy aspect. This apparel option delivers a unique boyish charm.

  1. Camouflage Pants

Camo pants are underrated when it comes to men’s style because they quickly go out of style. But the fashion world is so swift that they are back in fashion and ready to bestow you with an attractive feel. These pants are very comfortable, and the fabric is specially made for casual wear. One thing that should be kept in mind while wearing camo pants is that you should always pair them with solid colors and preferably with the colors used in the pants like green, black, white, and blue.

  1. Plain Tees

Plain t-shirts are incredibly versatile and can be paired with almost anything. The classic white and black t-shirts never go out of style, and they have been providing men with a bold and robust look. White t-shirts are especially great when you want other clothing items such as your textured shirts or your sophisticated pants to pop. The best part of adding plain t-shirts to an outfit is that they give you the freedom to be creative, making you look more attractive.

Final Note

The best way to look attractive in a room full of people is to be unique and try out things that define your style. The key is to always keep experimenting and wear the skin you feel the most comfortable in.

Most of the time, being fashionable for men is about making a statement, and wearing exclusive outfits is not the only way to do that. Apart from clothes, your personality also allows you to express your individuality. Always make sure that you keep a positive attitude towards everything, especially when you know you’re being noticed. This way, if your outfit lacks something, your personality would cover the shortcomings and won’t let you be anything less than attractive.