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A new building, perhaps a completely new company or the old office? An office movers is quite a step! Of course, you want it to happen as quickly as possible so that everyone can get back to work. And if possible, it should be done right the first time. Office relocations are right up our alley!

Your office move within one day

As an entrepreneur, you naturally want work to resume as quickly as possible. You are not looking forward to a move that takes a few days, where you still have to find things and connect computers after the move. Smart to call in experienced movers, who will quickly and professionally put everything in the new and right place!

Professional moving with extra attention for you!

Every move at I Removals Birmingham is tailor-made and worry-free. Because moving is much more than just packing and carrying moving boxes. All items of value, whether financial or emotional, deserve proper care and treatment. Our trained super movers are the best at estimating what is needed to take care of the move down to the last detail. And take away all worries.

What do we do, what do you do?

An office move always consists of a few parts. These are workplaces, with a desk, a chair and perhaps a few cupboards. Items from the canteen, consultation rooms and archives must also be taken along. The whiteboards or screens must be removed from the wall and given a place in the new building, and the computers must be plugged back and forth in their new location without scratches. We make agreements about all this work and divide it between the employees of the office and the movers of IRemovals Birmingham.

Costs for an office move

The costs for an office move depend on the number of workplaces and other inventory that we have to removals Highgate. But the division of the work also plays a role in the price. In order to make a good estimate, we would like to make an appointment for a no-obligation quote. One of our appraisers will then come by to take a look and we will send the quotation by email.

The right material in the right place

We use a computer box for each workplace. A workplace with a desktop and all accessories fits perfectly in it. Are there also filing cabinets in the office? We also have something smart for that! We use meter boxes to cleverly pack the contents of the cabinets. With this we pack everything, from left to right, from top to bottom. We unpack it again in the same cupboard in its new place. Also from left to right, from top to bottom. You don’t have to search!

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