Monopoly Go

Proven Strategies to Score Free Dice on Monopoly Go – Stepping Up Your Game!

Monopoly has been a timeless classic board game loved by generations. The thrill of owning properties, collecting rent, and bankrupting opponents never gets old. While playing the game fairly is always the best way to go, there are a few proven strategies that can help you score free dice on Monopoly Go, taking your game to the next level.

  1. Exploit the “Pass Go” Bonus:
    One of the simplest strategies to score free dice is by exploiting the “Pass Go” bonus. Each time you pass the Go space, you collect $200. To maximize this opportunity, aim to obtain the highest dice roll possible to land directly on the Go space. This way, you not only collect $200 but also get another free dice to continue your gameplay.
  2. Utilize the “Chance” and “Community Chest” Cards:
    The “Chance” and “Community Chest” cards in Monopoly Go offer numerous opportunities to gain free dice. These cards can instruct you to move to a specific property or directly to Go, granting you additional dice rolls. Keeping track of the cards in play and strategically manipulating your position to land on these cards can significantly boost your chances of earning free dice.

  3. Eliminate Other Players:
    While playing Monopoly Go, eliminating other players is an effective strategy to score free dice. When an opponent goes bankrupt, their properties and assets are usually put up for auction. By strategically participating in these auctions, you can acquire valuable properties at discounted prices, allowing you to generate more income from rent and increase the frequency of dice rolls.

Monopoly Go

  1. Acquire High-Rent Districts:
    Investing in properties within high-rent districts is a smart move that can lead to additional dice rolls. Focusing on locations like Boardwalk and Park Place ensures higher rent payments from opponents who land on your properties. This extra income can be used to purchase additional properties, increasing your overall dice roll chances.

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  1. Avoid Costly Jail Stays:
    Jail can be a frustrating setback, limiting your chances of collecting rent and rolling the dice. Utilize the Get Out of Jail Free cards to avoid costly visits or pay the bail if necessary. By staying out of jail, you can maintain a steady momentum within the game and maximize your dice rolls.
  • Strategic Trading:
    In Monopoly Go, the art of negotiation and strategic trading plays a crucial role in gaining free dice. By entering into favorable trades, you can acquire more properties, monopolize certain districts, and negotiate rent percentages to increase your chances of earning free dice. Be mindful of your opponents’ needs and weaknesses while leveraging your assets to your advantage.

  • Plan Ahead:
    Strategizing your moves in advance can also help you score free dice on Monopoly Go. Plan your route carefully, analyzing the board layout and the potential properties you can acquire. By mapping out your path, you can position yourself to hit the desired spaces, accumulate income, and increase your chances of obtaining free dice throughout the game.

  • Develop a Winning Mindset:
    Last but not least, developing a winning mindset can have a significant impact on your gameplay. Stay focused, confident, and determined to succeed. By maintaining a positive attitude, you can think strategically and make decisive moves, increasing your chances of earning free dice while outplaying your opponents.

  • Playing Monopoly Go is all about expanding your empire, collecting income, and seizing opportunities. Employing these proven strategies can help you step up your game, score free dice, and increase your chances of becoming the ultimate Monopoly Go champion.