Best Amazfit Watch in Pakistan

Which Best Amazfit Watch Should I Get in Pakistan in 2024?

Should I Get Amazfit Watch in Pakistan in 2024?

One of the most interesting brands to emerge in the smart watch space in Pakistan in the last few years is the brand Amazfit. This company is closely associated with Xiaomi, known mostly for their budget-friendly yet feature-filled devices, and yet makes watches that compete for more with flagships than lower-end devices.

The Amazfit watch in Pakistan is thus situated in an interesting position, one of the only major alternatives to the Big brands, and it comes from China. As people are not as aware of the watches from this brand, in this article, we will talk about their latest offering as of 2024.

The Latest Amazfit Watch in Pakistan

You might be wondering why we were talking about Xiaomi when talking about Amazfit watches. The parent company of the Amazfit brand, Huami, is part of Xiaomi’s ecosystem of companies in that it is both funded by it and is also the OEM of many of Xiaomi’s watches and related products.

So, for all intents and purposes, they are part of the same overall conglomerate in China. This is why their products are similar in many ways and often have cross-platform support across product lines.

Amazfit Balance Smart Watch

The current latest option for an Amazfit watch in Pakistan is the Amazfit Balance smart watch. This new product by Amazfit was launched in September 2023, and is a new watch separate from their previously popular GTR and GTS watch lines.

Amazfit Balance Design and Hardware

Now coming to this Amazfit Smart Watch, the design, in our opinion, is one of the better designs in round-design smart watches. The watch comes in an aluminum frame commonly found among top-level watches, as well as a reinforced polymer shell on the underside. 

The watch comes with either a silicon strap for the ‘Midnight’ color option or a nylon strap with the ‘Sunset Grey’; both are very comfortable, in our opinion. The screen itself is also quite beautiful to look at, with an AMOLED 1.5-inch display that has 1500 nits of peak brightness to go with the very tiny bezels makes for a great viewing experience.

The Amazfit smart watch has two mechanical navigation buttons, one regular and one on a dial/crown, which can help for quicker and easier navigation. The major sensors included are a Biotracker, Bioelectric Impedance Sensor, Accelerometer, and Temperature sensor, among other commonly found ones.

Amazfit Watch Features

The feature list of the Amazfit Balance is quite expansive, and we will thus talk about only some of the major things.

A big thing to talk about here is NFC, something not commonly found in Chinese watches. NFC allows you contactless payment with the use of any kind of Master Card compatible card. With this technology becoming more and more popular in recent years, it is nice to see it implemented (and implemented well) in this watch.

The GPS technology in the Amazfit Balance is something to be marveled at. Amazfit is known for having, surprisingly, some of the best and most accurate tracking in the entire smartwatch market, let alone the Chinese market. It is easily comparable (or even better, depending on who you ask) to the tracking found in Apple and Samsung Watches.

The majority of the watch functionality happens on the Zepp operating system owned by Amazfit’s parent company, which is inspired mostly by WearOS, including the honeycomb design for apps.

The watch is capable of tracking over a hundred different workouts and activities, automatically at that. Something unique here is Body Composition measurements, previously only really found in Samsung among the major brands. It will accurately tell you measurements like body fat, muscle and bone mass within ten seconds.

The watch automatically switches to a ‘bedtime mode’ when you fall asleep, which prevents it from misclicks and other unwanted activities if you move around while asleep, in addition to muting all notifications so that you have uninterrupted sleep.

Amazfit Balance Battery

Even with all of the features listed above and more, the watch somehow manages to retain an excellent overall battery life. 

Even with all the major features turned on, the watch will last around seven days. This is multiple times the battery you will find in other flagships, which are hardly able to last more than a single full day if that.

Amazfit Balance Watch Price in Pakistan

Now we come to this Amazfit watch price in Pakistan in 2024. The Amazfit Balance Smart Watch will cost you between 60,000 to 70,000 Rupees depending on the seller.

Keeping in mind that this is the current flagship product from Amazfit and is indeed meant to compete with the top flagships, this price point starts to make a lot more sense. The price is comparable to the top-of-the-line watches from companies like Samsung and Huawei, the other major players in the Android watch market.


Considering what the Amazfit watch price in Pakistan is and the immense amount of features that you get in a watch comparable to all of the major flagship products, the newest watch from Amazfit, the Amazfit Balance, is a great option to buy in Pakistan in 2024. Doing a bit of searching online will probably help you find this watch for even cheaper than the price listed above.