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Beyond Enough: Games and Ticket Prices of Smaaash DLF Mall Noida

India’s premium quality gaming and entertainment facility is Smaaash which was launched in 2012 and offers various sports, arcade games, and VR games to visitors. Sports like cricket, bowling, etc. are available at Beyond Enough Smaaash DLF mall in Noida. Get unlimited fun with your family, friends, and colleagues. People of any age group are welcomed at the place with lots of thrilling and rejuvenating activities.

There is also a party Hall in the place that you can use to celebrate birthday parties, social gatherings, or corporate events. Any small function could also be organized there. If all these things attract you then let’s move forward together with more details of smaaash Noida dlf and the ticket prices

Details of Smaaash Dlf Mall in Noida

The mall is located near sector 18 of Noida. The complete address to visit the mall if you prefer to travel by car or any other vehicle:

“A501A, B504, 4th floor, Mall of India,

Plot No. M03, sector 18, 

Noida, 201301, India”

The nearest metro station or bus stand to the smaaash dlf mall is sector 18. You just need to walk only 8 minutes from the station to the location or you can also take a rickshaw. Here are the contact details for the mall that you can use for pre-booking: +91 9920040323. On “Beyond Enough”, you will get great gaming packages for online booking at

The mall remains open for visitors every day. You can have unlimited fun at Smaaash dlf Noida in between 12.30 pm to 11.30 pm. Prefer visiting the place as soon as you can so that you can fully utilize your time in shopping plus enjoyment.

Smaaash games at Smaaash DLF mall Noida

You are going to have an unforgettable memory after visiting the Smaaash with your family or friends. Here is the list of some popular smaaash games that you are going to get there:

VR Gaming: Experience a new level of arcade thrill with cutting-edge VR games on advanced VR 9D equipment. Get ready for stunning visuals, intense gameplay, and immersive 4D VR adventures that whisk you away to other realms. You get a variety of options there including zombies, shooting, and fishing games.

Go Karting: Engaging in go-karting solo is an incredible way to enjoy yourself. It’s not just an exhilarating activity, unwind this excellent method to have a blast. Whizzing around the track at high velocities can serve as a fantastic means to distress and leave behind worries.

Arcade Games: coin-operated arcade games grant access to the games upon inserting the coin into the machine allowing you to play games immediately like pinball, pack man, etc.

Bowling: it is one of the favorite games of the visitors. The 4 Lane bowling alley has 4 pins placed at the end of the court that you have to blow down with heavy balls. 

Don’t forget to wear comfy shoes and comfortable clothes so that you can freely move your body while rejuvenating your mind in the unlimited fun of these games. 

Ticket Packages at Smaaash DLF Noida

Look at Smaaash Noida bowling price and prices for other packages:

  • Bowling package: in just ₹1599, you’ll get 1 bowling game (10 frames) + 1 beer + 1 veg starter.
  • Another bowling package: in just ₹1699, you’ll get 1 bowling game (10 frames) + 1 beer + 1 non-veg starter.
  • Cricket package: in just ₹1599, you’ll get 1 cricket game + 1 beer + 1 veg starter.
  • Another cricket package: in just ₹1699, you’ll get 1 cricket game + 1 beer + 1 non-veg starter.
  • Combo package: in just ₹999, you’ll get 5 arcade games + 4 VR/ simulation gaming + 1 burger (veg/non-veg) + 1 French fries + 1 soft beverage (200ml)
  • Another combo package: in just ₹1099, you’ll get 10 arcade games + 1 simulation game + 1 VR game + 1 dance-off + 1 pizza (veg/non-veg) + 1 soft beverage (200ml)
  • Arcade game package: in just ₹899, you’ll get 10 arcade games + 1 pizza (veg/non-veg) + 1 soft beverage (200ml).

Final verdict

Smaaash dlf mall is the perfect place to visit for thrill and gaming seekers. You are going to get arcade games, bowling, and VR experience there.

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