The 10 Best Player-Made Ships In Starfield

When it comes to making great ships, Starfield players don’t skimp on anything.

You’ll spend a lot of time in Starfield exploring the stars and going from planet to planet as you find new species, fight other space pilots, and figure out what the strange object you find at the beginning of the game is.

Of course, you’ll want a reliable spaceship that can meet all of your needs, no matter how useful or useless they are. The ship creation tool in Starfield lets you make ships in any way you want, and people are making some really cool ships.

Gate 2 Hell By ChaosVisionGames

Gate 2 Hell Ship by ChaosVisionGames Starfield

ChaosVisionGames’ ship doesn’t seem like it would be useful at first glance. Because it’s a hollow rectangle, the ship probably can’t turn as easily, there’s a lot of extra room for cargo, and it just looks weird. In spite of all this, it’s probably one of the smartest Starfield ship ideas.

Someone on Reddit named Solace_of_the_Thorns figured out not long after Starfield came out that enemy ships aim for your ship’s center, which is found by connecting its X, Y, and Z axes. In other words, if a ship doesn’t have a center, it can’t be damaged. Solace_of_the_Thorns and another Reddit user named Morfalath have used this idea to make ships that can’t be destroyed, but ChaosVisionGames’ design is better because it’s more polished and fun to look at.

The Magic School Bus By SP7R

The Magic School Bus Ship by SP7R Starfield

Buckle up, everyone! It’s likely that a lot of other people feel the same way about this ship bringing back childhood memories. The Magic School Bus has been rebuilt in Starfield’s ship creator by Reddit user SP7R. This is one of many ships that the Reddit user has made that have caught the attention of the Starfield community.

This Magic School Bus is a fully functional spaceship that can navigate the Settled Systems even when Ms. Frizzle isn’t in charge. People might look at you funny if you land this ship at the New Atlantis spaceport, but the Frizz does it best.

Imperial Star Destroyer By Basically_A_Banana

Imperial Star Destroyer by Basically_A_Banana Starfield

When Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope came out in theaters in 1977, it changed science fiction and pop culture for good. The series has given us a lot of well-known spaceships. More than just X-Wings and Y-Wings. The Imperial Star Destroyer is the only ship that stands out from the rest.

Reddit user Basically_A_Banana made a copy of the famous Imperial Star Destroyer for Starfield, which brings the sky closer to home. Unfortunately for console players, the ship can only be built with Ship Builder Unrestricted by kur00e and Shipyards Unlocked by Velken. However, the ship’s closeness to the original design makes it one of the best ships ever made in the Starfield community.

Practical Maxed Out Ship By Echolog

Practial Maxed Out Ship by Echolog Starfield

Not every ship has to be well-known to stand out. Echolog on Reddit made a very useful ship that can go as fast as it can, move around as it can, and jump over gravity wells. The ship has some very amazing weapons and defenses as well. The best part is that it has 3,000 kilos of cargo room, which is perfect for storing all the resources you’ll find on your adventures in the Settled Systems.

Echolog has also given a build guide for the ship, which means that anyone can make it. But Echolog says it might take a while to get the skills you need to build the ship, since you need to be very good at both flying and designing starships.

The Planet Express By SP7R

The Planet Express by SP7R Starfield

Everyone, good news! Have you ever wished you could take the Planet Express from Futurama? Thanks to SP7R, you can now! The skilled Starfield ship builder is back to making more amazing ships. This time, he’s made one of the most famous ships in animation.

SP7R has made a ship-building plan this time so that you can build the Planet Express yourself. It’s too bad that the build guide doesn’t include Futurama figures like Bender or Fry. But this is the ship for you if you want to make some space deliveries in style.

The Normandy By Bizzle94588

The Normandy by Bizzle94588 Starfield

One of the most famous spaceships in video games is the SSV Normandy SR-1, which is also known as the Normandy. There are a lot of spaceships in other games, but the Normandy from Mass Effect stands out because of its sleek shape. It was only a matter of time before someone did it again in Starfield.

Other Wordle Unlimited players have made a lot of Normandy remakes, but Bizzle94588’s is the best because it looks more like the original. If you want to feel like you’re back in Mass Effect, Bizzle94588 also made a build plan for his version of the Normandy.

UNSC Pelican By SteamingHotDataDump

UNSC Pelican by SteamingHotDataDump Starfield

Some of the most famous ship designs in video games can be found in the Halo series. There is something about each of Halo’s ships, from the Forward Unto Dawn to the High Charity, that makes them look different from other spaceships. On the other hand, the Pelican might be the most famous ship in the series.

SteamingHotDataDump on Reddit was able to make the Pelican in Starfield’s ship builder, complete with a picture of how to build it. From its wings to where it puts its engine, the Pelican’s most important design features are all there. In Halo, you can only fly a Pelican very rarely. But in Starfield, you can now fly one whenever you want.

The Black Widow By SP7R

The Black Widow Ship by SP7R Starfield

It’s scary enough that a huge spaceship that could shoot you down at any time. Snakes and spiders. The last spot on this list goes to SP7R, which is named after one of the most dangerous bugs in the world, the black widow.

With its signature black and red colors of a dangerous spider, the Black Widow is a beautiful ship to look at. It may be small, with room for only two people and 340 kilograms of goods, but what it lacks in usefulness it makes up for in style and originality.

The Audacity By Amagical

The Audacity Ship by Amagical Starfield

There are times when you just need a bigger ship. One that lets your enemies know you mean business. Crimson Fleet pirates will run away in fear, and House Va’Ruun fanatics will tremble when they fight you in space, knowing they won’t make it out alive. We all need Audacity from time to time.

The Audacity was made by Reddit user Amagical, and it pushes the edges of Starfield’s tool for making ships. You can find everything you need there, from useful things like classes to fancy rooms like a VIP room. It also has a lot of power, with four railgun cannons, a huge gauss cannon, and a Helion beam array. This is a helpful picture guide that Amagical made for people who want to make their own ship.

Republic Cruiser By DaMightyMilkMan

Republic Cruiser by DaMightyMilkMan Starfield

You can make other spaceships from famous titles like Star Trek or Mass Effect with Starfield’s ship creation tool. However, the ships you make never quite look the same. Most of the time, these player-made ships are still not 100% there, even though they can get close. This is not the case with DaMightyMilkMan’s Republic Cruiser from Star Wars, though.

He said in his Reddit post that he had to use some tricks to make it work, but he did make a nearly perfect copy of the Star Wars Republic Cruiser. DaMightyMilkMan’s ship is the most accurate replica of any Star Wars ship so far. Its shape is almost exactly the same as the one in Star Wars.