The 17 Best Farms For XP In Minecraft

Here are some very clever Redstone and non-Redstone farms that can help anyone get more experience in Minecraft.

One important part of Minecraft is getting experience. You can’t learn any new skills or abilities, but you can spend experience points on powerful enchantments for your gear that can make it easier to fight mobs that keep getting stronger.

But it takes a long time to gain knowledge. Players have thankfully found a lot of ways to make this process quick and easy, just like they have for almost every other process in Minecraft. Here are some very clever Redstone and non-Redstone farms that can help anyone get more experience.

Wither Skeleton Farm

Minecraft Wither Skeleton Farm In The Nether With Turtle Eggs And Blazes Over Soul Sand And Nether Portal

The tougher the enemy, the more experience they drop, and Wither Skeletons are pretty tough. They will not be able to Wither you at this farm, and you should also get about 135 Wither Skeleton Skulls at the same time. Also, it doesn’t need a lot of boring spawn proofing in the Nether.

Items Required For A Wither Skeleton Farm

896 x Nether Brick320 x Temporary Block130 x Wall88 x Glass75 x Building Block58 x Obsidian49 x Slab
12 x Repeater10 x Ladder4 x Chest4 x Iron Block4 x Stair4 x Turtle Egg3 x Iron Bar
3 x Cobweb2 x Trap Door1 x Carved Pumpkin1 x Door1 x Ender Pearl1 x Flint And Steel1 x Lead

How To Make A Wither Skeleton Farm

Even though it takes a lot of resources, this is the fastest way to build because you don’t have to put Slabs around the Nether Fortress to stop Wither Skeletons from appearing in other places. For farming, it also means you don’t have to stay in the Nether for long amounts of time, which can be dangerous. Ianxofour made the design, and Shulkercraft made the movie.

Sculk Block Farm

Minecraft Sculk Farm With Dripstone Killing Mobs Underground

This farm is different from all the others in Minecraft because the player doesn’t have to kill mobs or make things. Instead, the mobs need to slow-death over some Sculk blocks, which then spread.

You only need to break these blocks to get a lot of experience.

Items Required For A Sculk Block Farm

1 x Fence4 x Sign1 x Soul Sand1 x Bucket Of Water
1 x Sculk Catalyst1 x Dripstone8 x Slabs3 x Smooth Stone

How To Make A Sculk Block Farm

This farm works by being made under a Zombie or Skeleton Spawner. The mobs are then dropped on the Dripstone, where they are killed. If you need to get the local Sculk Catalyst from deep underground, you’ll need Silk Touch. This will turn nearby blocks into Sculk. Wattles does a great job of explaining everything in his movie guide.

Cave Spider Farm

Minecraft Cave Spider XP Farm By Kmond

People say that cave spiders are the worst mobs to farm in the whole Minecraft game. These spiders are dangerous because they can hurt you and because they often climb walls to get out of buildings.

There is, however, a way to make either a cave spider farm or a normal spider farm work and earn a lot of experience points. That’s very helpful because cave spider spawners are really easy to find in Minecraft because abandoned mineshafts are so common.

Items Required For A Spider Farm

64 x Blocks4 x Slabs3 x Stairs
3 x Hoppers3 x Trap Doors2 x Chests
28 x Fence Gates2 x Buckets Of Water

Items Required For A Cave Spider Farm

64 x Blocks16 x Slabs3 x Stairs
3 x Hoppers6 x Trap Doors2 x Chests
9 x Signs6 x Fence Gates4 x Buckets Of Water

How To Make A Spider/Cave Spider Farm

You should make sure you have a few important things with you before you start. You’ll need ladders to get out of holes, torches to light up the area while you work, a sword to fight off any monsters that get too close, and of course, a pickaxe. If you are dealing with cave spiders, a bucket of milk can also help lessen the effect of the poison.

The above files are for two different Kmond farm plans. The Regular Spider Farm and the Cave Spider XP Farm both work up to version 1.17.

Automatic Fish Farm

MInecraft AFK Fishing Farm by Carbon Gaming

You can make AFK fish farms or other types of automatic fish farms, which are all great ways to farm items like name tags, magic books, bows, and even fishing rods. In Minecraft, automatic fishing farms are also a great way to get food and experience.

A fish farm is pretty much a must-have for every player because it doesn’t take up many resources. The xp isn’t very high, but the process is easy, and the benefits are great.

Items Required For An Automatic Fish Farm

15 x Blocks3 x Chests1 x Hopper
8 x Glass4 x Signs2 x Rails
1 x Minecart With Hopper1 x Lava Bucket3 x Trap Door
1 x Bucket Of Water1 x Fish1 x Name Tag

How To Make An Automatic Fish Farm

We picked the Easiest Automatic AFK Fish Farm By Carbon Gaming because it’s one of many plans for fish farms. Building this farm is easy, and the materials you’ll need are easy to find. It will give you important drops and experience.

Portal Farm

Minecraft Portal Farm Using Glass By Rays Works

You might as well go big with your xp farm plans if you don’t have to worry about getting enough resources. A nether portal farm that brings in Zombie Pigmen from the nether is a favorite, especially when the challenges are raised. You don’t even have to kill the mobs yourself.

You’ll get a huge amount of experience and a lot of cash. One bad thing about it is that you need a lot of supplies, which can be hard to find in survival.

Items Required For A Farm With Portals

ObsidianSoul CampfiresSoul Sand
TrapdoorsGlass BlocksA Turtle Egg
Magma BlockHopper MinecartRails
HoppersChestsWater Bucket

How To Make A Portal Farm

This portal farm was made by Rays Works, and it has both an AFK mode and an automatic mode. The farm video by Rays Works shows both modes, but the second one needs extra redstone materials to build a redstone clock.

We haven’t added amounts to the list of goods because we don’t know how big this farm is. But it’s likely to be scalable, which means that the number of channels can probably be cut down.

Bedrock Charcoal Farm

Minecraft Charcoal XP farm by ProfePlaysMinecraft

Now we’ll look at some simpler designs. This is a very interesting self-fueling farm idea that is like the cactus and bamboo farm idea. But this one doesn’t use coal; instead, it uses wood to make charcoal, and the furnace stores experience points that can be used over and over again.

You can make this charcoal xp farm plan as big or small as you want, and it uses a resource that is usually easy to find.

Items Required For A Charcoal XP Farm

6 x Hoppers4 x Chests1 x Furnace
1 x Sticky Piston7 x Redstone Dust2 x Droppers
2 x Redstone Comparators2 x Redstone Repeaters2 x Buckets of Water
8 x Stone Blocks1 x Glass Block1 x Redstone Block

How To Make A Charcoal XP Farm

This is the best way to play for people who can’t easily get bamboo or cactus. Plus, this version by ProfePlaysMinecraft has proven that it can work on Bedrock.

Keep in mind that the heater runs on wood, so you’ll need a lot of wood to level up this way as well.

Piglin Bartering Farm

Minecraft Piglin Bartering Farm By Rays Works

Now for the important part of the nether update. Since Piglins and bartering were added, players have been making very creative farm designs that mix farming for experience points with bargaining with a trapped Piglin over and over again.

There is a huge amount of experience and a lot of stuff on these farms. This is because the farm makes gold and experience, which are then used to buy different things from Piglins.

Items Required For A Nether Bartering XP Farm

74 x Stacks Magma Blocks8 x Cobblestone Walls10 x Stacks Slabs
6 x Trap Doors2 x Rails3 x Comparators
2 x Soul Sand25 x Minecarts1 x Stair
1 x Fench Gate9 x Redstone Dust9 x Gold Swords
1 x Sticky Piston10 x Chests17 x Glass
12 x Hoppers6 x Buttons

How To Build A Piglin Bartering Farm

This particular design by Rays Works is great because killing Zombie Pigmen gives the Piglin gold instantly, and trading gives the Piglin experience points and a lot of items. You really can kill three birds with one stone, and even though it takes a lot of resources to build, people have to have it.

Raid Farm

Minecraft Raid Farm By Avomance

You might not have thought about it, but Illager bases are great places to get a lot of experience in Minecraft. You can destroy the base tower, but Illagers will still keep appearing.

It’s easy to build these farms, and the benefits are emeralds and totems of immortality, which can be very valuable. You’ll also get too many crossbows to use them all.

Items Required For A Pillager Raid XP Farm

4 x Stacks of Stone4 x Buckets of Lava36 x Signs
80 x Cobblestone Walls2 x Trap Doors2 x Stack of Slabs
3 x Glass1 x Stack of Fences2 x Chests
1 x Hopper2 x Buckets of Water16 x Lanterns
16 x Ladders1 x Stack Glass Panes32 x Pressure Plates
16 x Torches1 x Bed

How To Build A Raid Farm

This idea by Avid Performance works really well. Putting a bed and a few people in the middle will draw in Illagers, and water can be used to lead them down into a tunnel where they can be easily killed. Better yet, kill a captain. The peasants will immediately start a raid if the captain is killed.

Mob Spawner Farm

Minecraft Skeleton Spawner Mob Farm Using Water

You will probably come across mob tunnels with a spawner at some point in any normal survival game. You can easily spot dungeons by their mossy cobblestone walls and treasure boxes. These Minecraft mob caves are great for getting a lot of experience.

Most spawner farms work by trapping mobs in one place so you can kill them safely and get experience and any things they drop. To get even more experience from this set up, raise some Wolves and build an AFK Fish Farm next to the drop zone. The Wolves will deal the finishing blow for you, giving you the experience while you’re still fishing and not at your keyboard.

Items Required For A Dungeon Spawner XP Farm

2 x Stacks Building Blocks1 x Slab2 x Water Buckets
1 x Hopper1 x Sign2 x Chests

How To Build A Mob Spawner Farm

In Minecraft, a skeleton dungeon is the best type to turn into an experience farm because it drops useful items like bones, arrows, and bows. However, any type will work.

Spiders are harder to catch because they can climb walls, but they will be safer in the spider-only farm we talked about earlier. This is a great design by Kmond.

Gold Farm

Minecraft Gold Farm In The Nether By RandomGgames

It’s a great way to get experience points to kill dead Pigmen. This is a great option to the Piglin bartering farm if you don’t want to worry about trying to add bartering to your farm.

This farm gives a lot of experience points, and even though it needs a lot of resources, it’s not too hard to build.

Items Required For A Gold Farm

8 x Iron Golems180 x Trap Doors60 x Soul Torches
24 x Minecarts1 x Hopper Minecart2 x Hoppers
50 x Stacks of Blocks39 x Stacks of Transparent Blocks1 x Rail
2 x Stacks of SlabsAccess to Nether Roof

How To Build A Gold Farm

Some silly ways to beat Minecraft are used on this farm, like going into the Nether roof. Before you can start building, you need to do this.

The Nether roof is mostly a large, flat area made of rocks, which means that no mobs can spawn on it. So, putting down any other block has a very high chance of summoning Nether mobs. This makes it easy to change the spawn rates for XP farms. RandomGgames builds a great farm for gold and experience with not many things that are worth copying.

Stone XP Farm

Minecraft wafflenite Smelting Stone Blocks In A Furnace Experience Farm

It takes an insane amount of materials to build most XP farms. In survival mode or even extreme mode, this might make most players think twice before they try to build one. A good Minecraft XP farm doesn’t have to use a lot of resources, though.

An easy stone XP farm with furnaces is all you need for a survival world with just one player, at least at first.

Items Required For A Stone XP Farm

1 x Stack Coal Blocks1 x Stack Cobblestone4 x Chests
4 x Furnaces6 x Hoppers3 x Smooth Stone
3 x Levers

How To Build A Stone XP Farm

The furnaces hold and give out XP when they melt stone, just like some other designs. This is a great way to get experience points if you use stone or smooth stone in your builds.

WaffleNighte shows a simple idea that’s easy to copy if you need a design.

Classic Mob Farm

Minecraft Mob Farm In A Meadow Player Holding A sword

You can’t really have a survival world in Minecraft without making the standard mob XP farm, which is the best mob farm of all time.

It usually takes a lot of stone and a lot of height to build on, but it can give you a lot of experience points and useful drops.

Items Required For A Classic Mob Farm

100 x Scaffolding4 x Chests2 x Water Buckets
4 x Slabs4 x Hoppers1 x Bed
25 x Stacks of Blocks1 x Stack of Trap Doors

How To Build A Classic Mob Farm

Many more monsters will appear inside closed platforms that are built over a big body of water or very high in the air. The water can then push the mobs down, leaving them with one or two hearts so you can kill them at the bottom of the drop.

Voltrox’s creation is a great example of how strong this simple but well-known Minecraft xp farm is.

Kelp XP Farm

Minecraft Kelp Experience Farm With Furnaces By Frazy

A simple way to farm experience with only kelp is for people who are scared of more complicated experience farms and just need a little extra experience in their survival Minecraft world.

Items Required For A Kelp Farm

80 x Building Blocks10 x Redstone Dust
1 x Lever8 x Kelp
8 x Sticky Pistons8 x Water Buckets

How To Build A Kelp Farm

It’s interesting that kelp can be grown, dried in a furnace, and then used as fuel to dry more kelp. Because of this, it’s a great fuel for a simple and easy Minecraft xp farm, as Farzy showed.

Blaze Farm

Minecraft Voltrox Blaze Experience Farm In The Nether

Blazes are a great first mob to kill if you want to get as much experience as possible. It can be dangerous to build a farm in the Nether, but you need blaze rods for the end game, so this farm pretty much kills two birds with one stone.

You will need a lot of blaze rods if you want to play around with potions and making. You can get them safely and gain experience at this farm.

Items Required For A Blaze Farm

5 x Torches1 x Magma Block1 x Chest
1 x Hopper1 x Slab10 x Trap Doors
7 x Stacks of Glass1 x Carpet

In Minecraft, there are a lot of different ways to set up blaze xp farms, but the best one is to choose a spawner that has a lot of natural cover. This way, building around it won’t be hard and the player might not get killed. Voltrox has a style that is very simple and light.

Guardian Farm

Minecraft logicalgeekboy Guardian Farm Inside Ocean Monument

It’s no secret that guardians drop a good amount of XP, making them some of the best mobs to farm for Level Up.

Nevertheless, creating a guardian farm is a huge job, as most plans call for draining the whole ocean landmark.

Items Required For A Guardian Farm

1015 x Glass1008 x Soul Sand1364 x Blocks of Choice
188 x Hoppers144 x Soul Campfires80 x Chests
9 x Slabs58 x Torches4 x Targets
4 x Redstone Repeaters & Comparators4 x Droppers8 x Redstone Dust

How To Build A Guardian Farm

Even though it takes a lot of time and resources, this farm is still worth it because it gives you so much experience. The lesson by LogicalGeekBoy on how to build and use the guardian XP farm in Minecraft is very clear and easy to follow. It’s great because it keeps them from having to drain the ocean memorial, which would be a huge job.

You’ll also get a huge amount of cod and the ingredients you need to make sea lanterns and different kinds of prismarine.

Enderman Farm

Minecraft Enderman Farm Using Leaf Blocks And Trapdoors By Pixlriff

It might be a good idea to build an Enderman xp farm once you have reached The End and killed the Ender Dragon. Endermen can spawn in almost any open place in The End. Since water is their only weakness, it’s not hard to make a farm there.

Items Required For An Enderman Farm

10 x Stacks of leaves4 x Stacks of Enderpearls32 x Slabs
32 x String6 x Hoppers2 x Chests
2 x Stacks of Carpet1 x Water Bucket1 x Lava Bucket
5 x Torches2 x Stacks of Blocks8 x Fences
6 x Trap Doors2 x Rails1 x Minecart
1 x Name Tag

How To Build An Enderman Farm

Endermen are some of the hardest enemies in Basket Random, so this farm gives you a lot of experience. It also gives you more ender pearls than you can ever use, which are useful for visiting the End islands.

Pixlriffs has a great tutorial on how to make a simple Enderman farm.

Cactus And Bamboo Farm

Minecraft Avomance Bamboo And Cactus Smelting Experience Farm

This cactus and bamboo farm is perfect for people who want to get the most done with the least amount of work. It’s not only easy to make, but it’s also very cheap. For hours, just leave it to do its thing and come back to enjoy the results.

Items Required For Cactus And Bamboo XP Farm

69 x Blocks of Choice6 x Chests35 x Hoppers
7 x Furnaces9 x Levers34 x Stone Blocks
24 x Rails26 x Powered Rails2 x Detector Rails
2 x Minecart with Hopper4 x Redstone Repeaters2 x Redstone Torches
2 x Sticky Pistons2 x Redstone Blocks10 x Redstone Dust
10 x Bamboo10 x Cactus

How To Build A Cactus And Bamboo Farm

This farm is small, but the main problem is that the minecart that is always moving makes it very loud. It is suggested that you build it away from your base because of this. The best way to set up an XP farm is to look at Avomance’s guide.