SEO and ASO in The Google Play Store

The Impact of SEO and ASO in The Google Play Store

If you run marketing campaigns for an app company, then perhaps you’ve found ranking on app stores challenging. The good news is many SEO techniques are similar to app store optimization (ASO) techniques. You can also use both ASO and SEO to improve your overall marketing strategy. Here is the impact of SEO and ASO on the Google Play Store.

How SEO and ASO Work Together?

While search engine optimization is a set of practices used to optimize your website for higher rankings, App store optimization (ASO) focuses on optimizing the app for the app store. If you combine ASO and SEO, you can significantly boost your ranking in the Google Play store, and boost your click-through rates.

The Impact of SEO and ASO in The Google Play Store

Conversion Rate Optimization

Just like SEO, ASO plays an important role in boosting conversion rates. Engaging app reviews, high-quality screenshots, and descriptions can make a visitor more inclined to click the ‘download’ button. 

Visibility in App Stores

ASO can help you increase your app’s visibility within the stores. With millions of apps available on the app store, it becomes really difficult to beat the competition. Well, this can be done if a well-optimized app appears on the top of search results. To do this, you need to optimize the keywords, app title, and description.

Enhanced Visibility for Content Marketing

Mobile app companies commonly use content marketing to promote their apps. Articles, videos, and blog posts can be optimized to rank and draw potential users. According to an SEO agency in Chandigarh Tricity, when this content ranks high, it helps promote the channel and boost awareness.

Web Landing Pages

Many apps have a dedicated web landing page that highlights their benefits, features, and user reviews. The role of SEO is to ensure they rank high so that they can be downloaded. According to a recent study, 27% of users discover apps through search engines, something that shows SEO plays a very important role.


Backlinks from authority sites not only boost your rankings but also improve your app’s credibility. When reputable sources link to your app landing page sources, it makes it more trustworthy in the eyes of potential visitors.

Integration with ASO

While SEO and ASO use different strategies, they can be used together. For instance, keywords for SEO can provide insights into search terms that can be used in ASO. Similarly, user reviews from the app store can be used to boost the credibility of web landing pages.


App Indexing enables consumers to find app content in search results. This means that if a user searches for content linked to an app, they can be routed directly to the content which finally helps in driving more interaction.

Difference between ASO and SEO

While SEO and ASO help optimize the app and drive organic growth, they use different strategies and target different platforms. Understanding what sets them apart can, therefore, help you exploit their full potential.

Primary Users

 ASO targets potential app users looking for specific apps within app stores while SEO targets a broader audience searching for services, products, or information on search engines.


ASO is based on elements such as user ratings, downloads, and app update frequency. SEO on the other hand is based on website quality, backlinks, user experience, and other factors determined by search engine algorithms.


In ASO, keywords are mainly used in the app title, subtitle, and description, while in SEO keywords are distributed throughout the content, title, meta titles, and URLs.

Localization and Cultural Adaptation

ASO highly focuses on localization. On the other hand, SEO often targets broader audiences and hence uses more general content strategies.

Feedback Management

ASO integrates ratings and user reviews in the optimization process to boost rankings while SEO doesn’t directly integrate feedback or reviews on third-party sites as this can impact a brand’s online reputation.


In ASO, content is limited to descriptions, screenshots, and videos within the app listing. On the other hand, SEO content can be optimized in different ways including blog posts, web pages, articles, images, and videos.

Key Elements for Optimization

The key elements of optimization in ASO include keywords, titles, descriptions, user reviews, screenshots, and ratings. SEO key elements include content, meta title, backlinks, URL structure, and mobile responsiveness.

Platform Focus

Where ASO concentrates on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, SEO targets search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing by improving content on blogs, web pages, and websites.


The relationship between ASO and SEO serves as proof of the multidimensional nature of digital marketing. Like SEO, ASO ensures that the applications feature in crowded app stores and get discovered by users. Understanding and integrating the powers of SEO and ASO is not just a strategy but something very important. Whether you are a marketer or a business you need to aim for success in the app world. If you are not sure, you can contact experts offering affordable SEO services in Indiato get things done.