Commercial Voice Over Artists

Tips for Working With Commercial Voice Over Artists

Voice overs are an essential part of business commercial productions that help improve the reach of ad campaigns. It has become important for businesses of all sizes to use the right tone and emotions through ad messages.

The voice narration aids in engaging a target audience. Your brand can create a powerful impression on the audience by working with an experienced voice actor to deliver engaging content. The specific voice and their style of narration become the image of the brand as they collaborate for a long time.

Hiring commercial voice over artists might seem a challenging step. However, learning about some professional collaboration tips will make the task easier. Below is a professional guide for you to work with commercial voice over artists in a strategic way to maximise ad campaign performance.

1. Craft a Clear Brief

Working with commercial voice over artists requires precise and comprehensive briefs. This should include the project goals, who are the audience and what gone and style you want them to deliver. Moreover, it will be helpful for them to understand the message you want to deliver with specific preferences.

So, add guidelines for the voice-over theme delivery. The brief must keep the voice-over artist clear about the target audiences and the desired outcome you want.

It will help facilitate a collaborative approach to commercial video production to share a clear storyboard, video, and soundtrack with the artist. The words in the script and the purpose of those words are also essential to end up in the briefing.

It will create a framework for seamless collaboration between your company and the artist when starting the work with a clear brief. The brief will ensure everybody in the voice-over narration team is on the same page to wrap up a successful ad campaign soon.

2. Choose the Right Voice

The success of your commercial ad campaign with a voice-over narrative depends on the voice you choose. You need to hire an artist who has versatile experience and talent in various commercial voice-over scripts. An experienced artist in your niche will ensure the perfect delivery of different tones, voices, and pitches while narrating.

Consider your brand’s intended emotions and the target audience you want to deliver the message to. It will narrow down your search for finding the right choice of voice that complements your brand image.

It will confuse your target audience to use different voices for different video themes. Consistent use of a handful of selected artists is essential to establish your brand impression in the long term. You can request voice over artists or take an audition to find the right voice style that meets your brand personality.

3. Provide Effective Direction

Effective voice-over recording direction is essential, from script checking to proper pronunciation. The script might have adaptations from other sources. However, you must read out the script to make it sound correct and have a natural flow while recording. It will help the voice actor to record the script, make it sound more authentic, and correct any wrong pronunciation.

Moreover, give the voice actor proper direction on the script’s tone and tempo. So they can deliver it in their own style without compromising brand image. Encourage the artist to share feedback during the open conversation. It will help them deliver the final product that aligns with your brand’s message and tone.

4. Respect & Value

Every collaboration in the business landscape should include professional behaviour that offers respect and value to each other. Commercial voice over artists are professionals who are trained and skilled with prior work experience. Hence, you must treat them with decency and consideration.

Moreover, you must ensure your partnership is valued appropriately. Proceed with the working procedure by establishing proper deadlines, improving work efficiency, and improving the working relationship.

5. Clear Expectations & Communication

The growing internet penetration across the world has made it possible for the voice-over profession to come into the limelight. This is due to audience preferences for watching audiovisual content over traditional photographs. Voice-over commercial video productions are more cost-effective and appealing to a broad demographic.

Different clients can have different expectations for voice-overs. Hence, it is essential to establish an understanding of key expectations. You might want some post-production for the voice-over audio or the voice audio to be raw and unprocessed. Make sure to stay clear about your expectations during communication.

Moreover, let the commercial voice over artists know about your video production process to make the most out of their voice audio. The artist will have an idea about the emotions you want and how they can add their own style.

6. Optimise the Recording Session

The recording session for the voice-over should have an atmosphere that does not include any distractions. The recording station and associated equipment must work efficiently to bring out the best raw sound quality.

Give proper direction to read out the script that will let commercial voice over artists add their feedback. Every voice-over artist has unique characteristics to their voice. Hence, you must give some artists freedom while matching the tone and delivery of your brand message.

7. Post-Production & Payment

Commercial ad audio post-production involves processing and enhancing the sound quality as per your video needs. Your ad campaign goal relies prominently on the final result of the post-production. So, collaborate with the artist to eliminate any errors and work on any unnecessary pauses to bring clarity and consistency.

Fair payment for the voice-over artist is an essential element in including respect and value in the collaboration. Therefore, conduct open communication to stay transparent about the payment process once the post-production is done. It will boost confidence in the working relationship, and I look forward to future collaborations.

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