Top 5 Commonly Used Acoustic Treatment That Don’t Work At All

Millions of people use a tremendous amount of acoustic treatment for their reference room to make sure they get the right sound. For quite a long time, the significance of acoustic and other treatment was overlooked by audiophiles. Many people wastes time, money, and energy on new equipment, cables, and speakers. But, the new gears do not guarantee the perfect sound in case you don’t know everything about tweaking or performing used room acoustic treatment of the room.

Here is a list of five top-ranked acoustic treatments that do not work at all:-

  1. Egg Cartons as Diffusers: This one originated from the pros’ – we all have seen pyramid-like panels or wedges plastered across the walls of countless recording studios. It is a myth that using egg cartoon is a similar way will help in absorption. In reality, an egg cartoon is a poor option for absorption.
  2. Foam Wedges, Pyramids, Panel, Etc.: Foam is a cheap and readily available alternative. You can buy foam, wedges, pyramids, and panels online. The truth is that foam does treat a few factors of a room’s acoustics, for example, super-high frequencies, but otherwise, it is pretty much useless.
  3. Albums and Books as Diffusers: There is a lot of people who think that if you want diffusion – but you don’t like the look of acoustic treatment then you can go for a couple of significant bookcases and the then fill them up with books to achieve the same effect. The truth is that bookcases filled with books can only be useful in some subtle ways. But, the cost of buying a bookcase and filling it up with books can cost you a fortune. On the other side, you can obtain far effective products from reputable acoustic treatment manufacture for a much lesser price.
  4. Hanging Rugs and Heavy drapes: It is one of the most common way and much widely used method-but, hanging a rug on your wall do little about taming acoustic problems. To deal with high frequencies associated with slap or clap echo, you can go for simple treatment that will attract far less attention to them and give amazing results.
  5. Using Foam Core, Plastic, Or Pennies: Yes! People use pennies and foam core. The pennies are used by suspending them from walls; it is done to achieve sonic bliss. But, in reality, what you get a minimal sound scatter effect and nothing else.


  1. Kuzma Stabi Reference 2 : The Kuzma Stabi Ref 2 has a unique structure which includes two plates. The plates form sandwich construction separated by an acrylic plate. The turntable is offered low resonance and is extremely stable. Kuzma turntable classic is the best choice of audiophiles. The quality of sound and perfect design makes it the unbeatable.

The Bottom Line

Lastly, before you go off and try to attempt to DIY acoustic treatment, make sure to get professional assistance. It is highly recommended to go for expert’s advice when it comes to fine-tuning your room for a superb quality audio output. Remember the physics of the propagation of sound is immensely complicated and when it comes to the assortment of materials that make up the wall – it can become very difficult to predict what will happen when the sound wave leaves the source and hit the floor!