Top Attractions to Visit for Kids, Adults and Thrill-Seekers at Fun World

Are you looking for something very crazy, amazing, fun-loving, and adventurous? then Fun World is the best place for you to visit with your friends, family, adults, kids, and everyone around. Fun World has something for everyone. A place where people of every group can enjoy and find something suitable and enjoyable for themselves at a very minimum price. Fun World tickets are very affordable compared to the services and amazing fun that you will experience inside the amusement park. Fun World is situated in Bangalore and Bangalore people love to go there. People from different cities come to enjoy the fun world amusement park, as it is very complete and affordable where every member of the family can enjoy and have their best time. 

Funworld Bangalore has multiple rides including web rides and dry rides. With endless fun, dry rides are very adventurous and scary, whereas wet rides will fill you with laughter and fun. You can also experience fun inside the Lazy River, adventurous and thrill rides, tube rides, etc. People come and relax their bodies by staying in the water for a long time. Few people enjoy having amazing food and drinks available inside the Funworld.

Fun World Amusement Park Bangalore ticket price

The price of a ticket at an amusement park is very affordable, as you will be getting a lot more than the ticket prices. For almost 4-6 hours of endless fun can be attained only INR 750 per person at Fun World Amusement Park in Bangalore. 

In return for this price ticket, you can enjoy endless things like,

  1. Amusement park and theme park into one Fun World
  2. Free parking available for all visitors
  3. Free Drinking water and paid Snacks counter for all the guests
  4. Photographers and guided tours are available inside the amusement park for the convenience of the public
  5. Separate children’s play areas, Adventurous and endless games, water activities and fun, Swimming pools, and much more are available.
  6. Visitors can also buy swimsuits from them and have a locker room to keep their precious goods.
  7. Funworld Bangalore has multiple security guards too, for your security and keeping your belongings secured.
  8. Visitors can submit their baggage at the baggage counter and then relax by staying tension-free for their bags.
  9. The complete amusement park is secured by CCTV cameras for public security
  10. In any case, if any person gets injured or requires First Aid, then they can have a First Aid kit as well.

So, this all will be provided for only INR 750 for Adults and INR 500 for Children. There are no extra charges for carrying mobile phones and cameras, but visitors are suggested to carry their assets very safely and securely.

The top Attraction is,

  1. Super Jet
  2. Octopus
  3. Jumping frogs
  4. Flying Appu
  5. Power Surge
  6. Yahoo Slide
  7. Tsunami fun
  8. Fireball adventure
  9. Plane ride
  10. Mini Wheel

So, the list is endless. Hence, it is suggested that you should go and visit the amazing & adventurous place with your friends and family. Do, take security measures and enjoy to the fullest.
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