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What Factors To Consider When Ordering Custom Challenge Coins?

Ordering custom challenge coins while remaining within budget is not an easy task. You have to consider multiple factors to make your purchase easy and suitable.

For this, we have listed in this blog the following factors to keep in view while ordering your personalized coin.

These are awesome and a very great collectable item. You could also gift them as souvenirs because they have longer durability and shelf life.

So, just follow the tips below and do your shopping mindfully to impress your loved ones!

Tips To Consider In 2024 To Order Budget-Friendly Challenge Coins

Tip Number 1: Evaluate Material

While ordering your challenge coin, first evaluate its material. They come in a variety of materials, such as copper, brass, zinc, gold, silver, platinum, etc. The material of your coin is one of the determining factors of the price of the coin. The more premium material you ask for, the more it will cost you.

So, if you have a limited budget, go for the options of average materials like copper, zinc, brass, etc. However, if you have money in your pocket, then what’s better than ordering your coin in gold and silver?

Tip Number 2: Look Into Details

The details matter; for example, if you go heavy with the work on your coin, then obviously, you have to pay a higher price for it. Instead, if you are on a journey to keep your budget safe, don’t go heavier regarding details.

Just ask simply to go as minimum as possible with detailing. Don’t assume that this will not impress the person to whom you want to give it. As you have heard, simplicity and pureness reflect on their own. Thus, follow the same technique and make your coin shine on a budget.

Tip Number 3: See Colours

Colours are too important for coins which you want to order. The more exquisite colours you choose, the more you have to pay for it. Also, the number of hues which you want to add is another factor for increasing the amount of your coin.

In this case, what you have to do is limit yourself to three or a maximum of four colours. This will not cost you much and will fall within your budget, especially if you have a limited amount.

Tip Number 4: Be Watchful Of Art

As you know, art is all about creativity, and the more creative and complex design you ask to add to the coin, the more your budget will increase.  Therefore, it’s better to be watchful of the art you want to add to the coin.

The best idea is to skip the art if you have a low budget. The other elements present in the coin will also make your coin look good. However, if you still wish to add something, then choose something minimal and less complex.

Tip Number 5: Consider The Finish

It is suggested that people who have a low budget should invest their amount in coin finishing. The presence of other elements in the coin is secondary or for those who have an average budget allotted for the coin at least.

The tip here is, before selecting any other details, finalize your coin finishing first. This will help you judge and make decisions on behalf of the remaining amount. Also, just remember to always go for the more important choices while ordering your coin.

Tip Number 6: See The Type Of Shape

The type of shape also plays a vital role in determining the price of a coin. The simpler shapes will not cost you much. However, the complex and intricate shapes will be heavy on your pocket. To avoid this, choose a basic shape.

Selecting something basic and common does not imply that you will get a very cheap kind of product. The point is simple: It will give classic and antique vibes instead of modern ones.

Tip Number 7: Look At The Size

Bigger size means a big price. This rule is very common to the coins. As you increase the inches of your coin, the price will be multiplied accordingly. The smaller the size of your coin will be, the less it will cost you.

What is viable is choosing an average size for the coin. In this way, your coin will look appropriate. Neither will it consist of more room for creativity to display nor less. Also, selecting the finishing and size first is recommended to get an idea of the remaining budget.

Tip Number 8: Explore Shipping Options

Most of the customers don’t pay heed to shipping options. Once they get done with finalizing each detail, they simply do the further process in a hurry. For example, if you are a wholesaler and want to order challenge coins in a generous amount, then see which shipping option is more feasible for you.

In case of emergency, it is understandable to choose express shipping; however, if you want to shop on a budget, then it is good to order before receiving the product on time.


How long will it take to make a pocket-friendly challenge coin?

On average, the challenge coin takes fourteen to fifteen days to manufacture. However, if you are ordering a budget-friendly coin, then it will take around ten business days for its creation.

What are the basic design elements of a challenge coin?

The basic design elements of a challenge coin are a round shape with minimal details, an art that is simple to replicate, and a silver finish to give the coin a valuable kind of appeal.

On average, what does a pocket-friendly challenge coin weigh?

The weight of a coin is dependent on the details and size of the coin. On average, the 1.5” coins weigh about 1-1.1oz. The more you increase the coin’s detailing and size, the more it will cost you.

How can I protect the lasting of my challenge coin?

You can protect the longevity of your challenge coin by storing it in a dry place. Make use of protective cases, coin capsules, or holders to place your coins in them. Otherwise, your coin will get rust on its surface.

Wrap Up!

Well, wrapping it up! You can order your challenge coins on a budget if you follow the above tips consciously. Also, before placing your order, list down all the elements of the coins in order of priority. For instance, which matters the most, put it on the top. Then, place the cost of your coin against each element by adding it. After that, see the list and cut down the least important and costly element from the list. This strategy will help you in ordering the coin according to your budget.