What Treatments Are Available for Sensitive Teeth?

Sensitive teeth is not a serious dental problem. Its gravity however can intensify when you allow it to fester within. The problem is such that it may come and go in most cases without any consequences but that does not mean you should ignore it. With sensitive teeth, even your daily brushing, drinking or eating might cause temporary pain in your mouth. This problem happens because your tooth enamel is worn out to expose tooth roots. Teeth sensitivity may however also be caused when you have a cavity, or your tooth is chipped or cracked.   

Here are 5 treatment options available for sensitive teeth –   


  1. Root Canal

Root canal is a treatment which is required in cases where someone has root infection characterized by tooth pain. It is done to preserve the tooth structure by eliminating tooth sensitivity. This treatment is recommended when the issue is in the pulp or core of the tooth. With root canal, the infection is not allowed to affect other body parts or to enter the bloodstream. And it’s used when other methods to deal with teeth sensitivity have filed to yield desired results.


  1. Surgical Gum Graft

Teeth sensitivity are basically the result of exposed roots. And this may sometime happens when the tooth root has lost gum tissue. This is how the loss of gum tissues makes the root exposed. However, surgical gum graft can help in such cases where gum tissue from one part in the mouth can be taken out to attach to the affected place. This will help reduce sensitivity in a big manner and leave you with healthy teeth.


  1. Desensitizing toothpaste

Sensitive teeth cause pain which you can control or manage using a right toothpaste. You can consult the dentist and ask about desensitizing toothpastes which are available in variety in the market. Not all of them might suit you best and only a dentist can comfort the one fit for your use. You just have to apply them on your teeth and the pain will be blocked to a great extent, but not before several applications.  


  1. Fluoride

Pain is not the only worry with teeth sensitivity. It can also weaken the enamel gradually. So, the dentist may recommend fluoride treatment to counter both the problems effectively. In this, fluoride may be applied to the sensitive area to let pain go away over time and enamel get strengthened along the way. If need, you may also ask for at-home treatment where floured has to be applied using a custom tray.  


  1. Desensitizing or bonding

In some cases, a minor surgery may be needed to fix your teeth sensitivity issue completely. This happens when exposed root surfaces need to be treated professionally. The dentist bayside NY may apply bonding resin to the root surface to alleviate the pain. You can expect the procedure to complete without the use of a local anesthetic. This is how sensitive teeth are treated and you go on to maintain dental health.


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