In India: Which TV Brand is The Best-Selling?

In the contemporary era televisions have changed the narrative of entertainment in India. Ranging from LED, LED to Smart digital televisions they have it all. Because of it, virtual gaming and third-party movie streaming have become a reality.

If you are intending to buy the best 32-inch smart Tv for your home, make sure you invest in the best-selling brands. So, you can be assured of its performance and quality.

You can purchase the best TV in India that have a wide range of TV options for their vast customer base. To help you decide better, we have mentioned all the necessary details about the most selling TV brand in India. So, keep reading to know more!

Which is the most selling TV brand in India?

The majority of the Indian crowd is quite familiar with the answer to this question. To state the obvious, Samsung is the most selling TV brand in India that has more than a million customers in our country alone. Their 32-inch smart Tv models are the best that you can get for your home. 

Samsung Electronics is one of the largest manufacturers of consumer electronics around the globe. It is the most popular brand among Indian consumers with its exceptional products in a range of budgets from small to extravagant spending.

Apart from televisions, this mega-company offers a wide range of other electrical products too for Indian customers. Because of its durable, stylish and sleek television sets, Samsung tops the most trusted TV brands in India.  

Here are a few points which will compel you to choose Samsung TV amongst other options:  

  • High-Picture Quality:

Samsung TVs have Hyper Real Engine along with VA panels which work together and are great in producing high-picture quality and make it the top choice. The top-notch picture quality provided by Samsung is the reason why it is the most preferred among others.

  • Latest Technologies:

Samsung Full LED TV and 32-inch smart TV have been among the leading models of television in bringing the use of new technology. Samsung was the first company to bring HDR (HDR10, HDR10+) to India. Their QLED TVs take the television viewing experience to an extraordinary level. They also have curved TVs which bring a next-level immersive experience to watching television. It was Samsung that introduced the first curve TV with a state-of-the-art display!  


The ‘Tizen OS’, Samsung’s smart TV platform’s built-in system, is quite intuitive and comes with a good user experience and is also well-stocked with the latest applications. The latest technology has made it the best TV brand in India. The OS puts all your favourite apps at the bottom of the home screen, called the SMART hub. You can enjoy a good browsing experience through 32-inch smart TVs.   

  • Affordable rates:

Samsung offers very good warranties and deals at an affordable rate for every customer’s budget making it extremely popular. The wide range of Samsung TV sets offers a plethora of options to choose from even if your budget is a little tight. This quality of Samsung TV sets makes it the most popular among other TV brands in India.

  • Variety of options:

Samsung offers a wide range of televisions for its large customer base in India. The company also produces very high-quality TVs, an all-new range of smart TVs, OLED TVs, HD TVs and many more to choose from. Alternatively, there’s the 32-inch smart TV model- Q50A QLED screen for users who are on a budget. This Samsung model might only have an FHD picture (1920 x 1080) but it also comes with an HDR10+ and the latest QLED technology. 

  • Upgrading obsolete technology:

Samsung has always been at the top with colour technology. The TVs by Samsung happen to be more colourful and brighter as compared to its competitors. They improved their old technology which was called Purcolor and got Active Crystal Colour technology. 

It was then further improved and QLED (or Quantum Dots LED) was introduced by Samsung, giving the televisions an all-new colour dimension.  All the 32-inch smart Tv models have this technology which makes them the best Tv brand in India.

  • Sleek design:

The slim and stylish television sets offered by Samsung will add to your list of reasons for making a purchase of TV from the mega-brand. The sleek look of the Samsung TV sets will go with every house paint or design, giving your interior a very stylish and modern look. It will offer a very minimalistic look to your wall. 

Samsung offers the slimmest of television sets to get rid of extra clutter caused by TV cables and wires. Samsung television, the best TV brand in India is a must-buy if you are looking for the simplest yet stylish television set for your house.

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