Why Sustainable Custom Lock Boxes Is A Favorite Packaging Choice

Why Sustainable Custom Lock Boxes Is A Favorite Packaging Choice

Are you tired of using inadequate-quality custom lock boxes? Do you keep getting negative assessments because of your gable packaging? If yes, then you are in the suited place. You can create high-quality, enticing, and sturdy lock boxes at cost-effective rates. Custom boxes are used to pack different types of products. They keep the products secure and offer them in front of the buyers in a very attractive manner. 

The kraft packaging materials are inexpensive for packing multiple items into one box. The elegant and unique design makes these boxes stand out in the market and boosts branding. Personalization and printing options make automatic lock boxes even a bit more attractive. Uses different customizations to craft kraft boxes that capture the soul and vision of a brand into its packaging. 

With a peak in demand for a more sustainable strategy for packaging, kraft paper has made an impactful assistance to meet these demands. There is no doubt that kraft paper packaging solutions have achieved popularity in the packaging industry, and the capabilities of this material continue to rise. But why? Let’s jump right into what kraft paper is and why it has gained so much popularity!

What Is Sustainable Packaging Material?

Kraft comes from the German term “robust”, and kraft paper is only that. 

Raw kraft is long-lasting, tear-resistant, and brown thanks to the kraft pulp procedure. Perfect for creating long-lasting wrapping kraft paper and sturdy auto lock boxes wholesale and rigid boxes.

Kraft paper board is also available in a range of colors and shades making it highly versatile for branded packaging solutions. The surface of raw kraft paper packaging is textured and porous allowing for high-quality printing and finishing for a premium rural look.

How Is Paper Used In Packaging?

Today, kraft paper is mainly used for corrugated boxes and just has become very popular for boxes too. Thanks to kraft paper’s durable nature the e-commerce industry benefits from custom auto lock boxes to protect products and ensure they withstand extreme shipping conditions. 

Custom boxes are also commonly used by businesses to achieve sustainability goals and portray eco-friendly initiatives through brown kraft paper’s rustic and raw look. Kraft paper is very versatile and allows for a broad range of creative packaging options in today’s packaging industry.

Types Of Sustainable Packaging

Kraft paper is divided into different types of paper. So, here are just two types of paper are discussed below:

  1. Coated Unbleached Kraft
  • It has a naturally occurring kaolin clay-titanium dioxide layer on the surfaces of presentation packaging boxes to improve smoothness and make printing easier 
  • There is no ‘bleaching’ or different addition of chemicals other than those patented by the Kraft method
  • This has outstanding tear resistance and a high degree of stiffness, all without being too thick 
  • In fact, it is the lightest of all kraft paper-based packaging substrates
  1. Solid Bleached Kraft Paper
  • In these cases, bleached Kraft paper may be chosen, as it offers a smoother surface and more brilliant appearance that can enhance the printing quality and provide a more premium look and feel of custom printed presentation boxes.
  • However, it’s essential to note that the bleaching process can have environmental effects, and businesses should carefully consider the trade-offs between aesthetics and sustainability when selecting between bleached and unbleached Kraft paper

Customization Choices For Sustainable Packaging

Customization choices for kraft paper are vast, and they can add a personal touch to your packaging while also boosting your brand. Many printing businesses offer printed box options, allowing you to add your branding or design to your packaging.

However, if you are not okay with basic brown rough-textured paper, there are a variety of customization options you play with. When making your packaging keep in mind that it tells about your object and defines your brand. Everything from size, shape, and design matches with the tone of your brand. 

Go Green 

The sustainability of kraft packaging boxes is the main focus of today’s professional brands due to their huge benefits to our planet. Both buyers and brands are eco-conscious today and have excellent care about protection from harmful elements that can pollute the environment and damage the health of all living beings.

So, find those brands who are committed to protecting nature from harmful packaging waste pollution and create boxes for their customers. That way, you can attract those buyers who like to buy products packed in biodegradable packaging.


Cheap auto lock boxes can save you in cost. These boxes are created from an affordable and sustainable material that is available readily, and if you order an enormous stock, then you will be served a greater discount in pricing. Besides this, it also saves the money that you pay extra for marketing campaigns. It will let you minimize the cost and keep you within a budget.


The use of sustainable packaging like kraft in custom lock boxes not only enhanced the customer experience but also helped them to reduce their carbon footprint and minimize waste, making it a win-win solution for both the company and the atmosphere. They are the best choice for marketing tools globally.