Lifestyle practices that may lead to wrinkles and ways to avoid them

Aging alone is not responsible for the development of wrinkles, fine lines or spots and pigmentation. Certain lifestyle behaviors and practices can also put pressure on the skin.


Do you look older than your age?

Certain habits and behaviors may cause premature skin aging. Read below and find out, if you are practicing the similar habits that may lead to the development of early signs of aging.

1. Facial contraction

Have you ever observed the skin contraction and muscle movements whenever you frown or smile? It is seen that over the years, the habitual facial expression such as smiling, fearing or even squinting can leave marks on the skin. Squinting is a very common expression which is seen in the majority of people who are out in the sun. In order to avoid the development of crow’s feet, wear sunglasses to avoid squinting. Although, there are numerous anti-aging solutions to get rid of such marks, prevention is always better than cure.

2. Wrong sleeping positions

Sleeping positions can accelerate the development of wrinkles. Each night you may be putting pressure on your face if, you sleep in downward position. Over a certain period of time, this may cause development of lines on the cheeks, forehead or chin area. To avoid this, you need to change your sleeping patterns. Avoid sleeping with your face in downward position and always sleep on your back. Use satin pillows. Satin is soft on the skin, while cotton is known to cause fine lines on the face.

3. Smoking

Not only does smoking weakens the lungs of a person, it also, increases the appearance of wrinkles and makes one look older than his age. Even a young person of 20 years, have the tendency of wrinkle development if, he is a chain smoker. The more packets smoked, the deeper is the wrinkle development. It even changes the texture and color of the skin. Instead of spending big bucks on tobacco and then on anti aging skin care products like best anti aging body lotion, Anti Aging Serum it is better to quit smoking and follow a healthy lifestyle.

4. Dieting

At first, you may not eat healthy and put on weight and then, follow dieting to shred those extra calories. This process may cause the skin to stretch. Such pressures can weaken the skin elastin. Also, due to busy lifestyles, people tend to skip breakfast which is the most important meal. Skipping it, can cause dullness and steal the face glow. Follow a healthy diet throughout your life to keep the glow intact.

Also, do not forget the water. The intake of water is usually less. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water. Hydrated skin is less prone to aging.