20 Best Weapon Combinations In Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors has a lot of tools and different ways to evolve. These groups of weapons are some of the best in the game.

There are a lot of common weapons in Vampire Survivors. This already large collection of weapons gets even bigger as weapons evolve and join together. Each character starts with a different weapon, and the player can pick which weapons to use in the other five spots. This lets the player put together a build in a lot of different ways.

The trouble is that some guns don’t get along with other weapons. One reason for this is that not all guns work with all stats. Still another reason is that some weapons can make other guns almost useless. This is shown well by Phieraggi and Garlic/Soul Eater. Phieraggi will usually kill enemies before they can get to the shield that the Garlic (or Soul Eater) makes. The main focus of this conversation will be on the standard, non-evolved weapons, with a few evolved choices thrown in for good measure.

Summon Night – Greatest Jubilee

Summon Night and Greatest Jubilee weapons in Vampire Survivors

For Summon Night to work, it doesn’t really need to be paired with a weapon. It might be the best tool in Vampire Survivors. It makes lines across the screen that hurt enemies that move through them. This weapon keeps foes off the screen by increasing Area and Might.

The only really bad thing about Summon Night is that it only covers the top part of the screen at first, giving enemies a safe path at the bottom. When you reach level nine, Greatest Jubilee puts a harmful light show across the bottom half of the screen. This makes up for Summon Night’s only flaw.

Silver Wind – King Bible

Silver Wind and King Bible weapons in Vampire Survivors

Some of the best guns in Vampire Survivors are the ones that shoot projectiles all around the player. When used together, these guns are great for making areas around the player that the enemy can’t get through. This kind of weapon has been a fan choice since the beginning: the King Bible.

Silver Wind works a lot like King Bible. In King Bible, the books move around the player in a circle. In SilverWind, the weapons move around the character in a more oblong shape. When these two weapons are improved, they not only stop the enemy from getting to the character, but Festive Winds (Silver Wind) also heals them enough to reach full health quickly.

Spellstrom – Vicious Hunger

Spellstrom and Vicious Hunger weapons in Vampire Survivors

With the Tides of Foscari DLC, Spellstrom was added to Vampire Survivors. The three weapons that come together to make Spellstrom are all good weapons on their own, but together they make one of the best weapons. With this weapon, two orbs appear and move around the figure. These orbs do a lot of damage to creatures they hit on their own, and they also send out energy beams that hurt enemies.

People don’t pay much attention to Vicious Hunger because it starts out as one of the weaker and least useful weapons, Gatti Amari. Cat eyes from Vicious Hunger leave behind smoky tracks. When enemies are hit by these eyes or walk through the smoke, they get hurt. With these two guns, you can keep enemies out of the middle of the screen.

Millionaire – Fuwalafuwaloo

Fuwalafuwaloo and Millionaire weapons in Vampire Survivors

Millionaire shoots a lot of arrows at the screen if the first one hits something that moves or drops gold, which almost always happens. This weapon can clear the enemies from the side of the screen that the figure is facing, either to the left or to the right.

This should go with a weapon that is very powerful against enemies coming up behind the figure. Fuwalafuwaloo is one of the best tools for this. This tool clears the way in front of the character and heals them at the same time.

Victory Sword – Luminaire

Victory Sword and Luminaire weapons in Vampire Survivors

The Victory Sword cuts foes close by. When fully leveled, this tool does a good job of keeping enemies close. Another good thing about the Victory Sword is that it can hit the few enemies that most of the other weapons in Vampire Survivors overlook.

The Luminaire is an advanced form of the Prismatic Missile, and it works like the Victory Sword. This weapon fires rainbow-colored beams at foes on the screen. When hit, both the Victory Sword and the Luminaire will hurt most enemies so much that they can’t get to the player. The experience gems are worth more than normal when you use this set of weapons in Vampire Survivors.

Vandalier – Clock Lancet

Using the Vandalier and Clock Lancet weapons in the Inlaid Library in Vampire Survivors

The targeting circles that move around the figure are what’s wrong with Vandalier. Because these targeting rings change speed too quickly and only last for one second, stronger enemies can start to get through. Vandalier can target enemies with the Clock Lancet, which keeps them still long enough for the rings to go over them.

It gets a level or two better with the Out of Bounds arcana, and the Gemini arcana gives the player Vandalier’s twin for free. You should choose the Empty Tome and Spellbinder passive items. The Clock Lancet will spin faster and Vanadier’s attack will last longer with these.

Holy Wand – Gorgeous Moon – Laurel

Using the Holy Wand and Gorgeous Moon weapons in the Mad Forest in Vampire Survivors

Getting them to the point where the guns can be evolved is a little tricky with this combo. This is why the Laurel is included: it’s for safety. When the Magic Wand and Pentagram are fully developed, they can defend against even the strongest foes. Getting the Attractorb doesn’t hurt at the start of a run with this combo. The player will need to stay on the move. With the Beautiful Moon and the Holy Wand, the player can put down the controller.

The Waltz of Pearls arcana makes this combo a million times better. This makes the Holy Wand work like three guns, and it’s best to have all of them around you. It’s not necessary to evolve the Laurel because the enemies won’t be close enough by the time it’s ready to evolve.

La Robba – Bracelet

Using the La Robba and Bracelet weapons in the Mad Forest in Vampire Survivors

You can use the La Robba by yourself and still feel too strong. While La Robba is already a great tool on its own, the Bracelet is a great extra to have. The furniture that La Robba throws comes from the top of the screen, but they usually appear in the middle or near the edges.

The bracelet fires what look like missiles that go to the edge of the screen and make dangerous areas for the enemy to move through. The Bracelet shields the sides of the screen, while the La Robba shields the middle. The Duplicator, Spinach, Torrona’s Box, Candelabrador, and Empty Tome are all passive things that work well with this set.

Carrello – Vento Sacro

Using the Carrello and Vento Sacro weapons in the Inlaid Library in Vampire Survivors

Some guns are made so that they can always move to the left or right. When Carrello and Vento Sacro play together, they make one of the best plays of this type. This combo is great for the Inlaid Library because it lets you walk freely to the left or right when you’re fully leveled.

The Tragic Princess arcana makes this loadout better. As long as the character is moving, this will cut the rest time of the Carrello by a lot. You can make this mix even better with the Spinach, Bracer, Wings, and Candelabrador passive items. Getting the Attractorb passive item is always a good idea for builds that are meant to move side to side all the time. Pay attention to the Area when breaking the Carrello limit.

Vicious Hunger – Vandalier

Using the Vandalier and Vicious Hunger weapons in the Inlaid Library in Vampire Survivors

Without a doubt, one of the best Vampire Survivors combinations is Vicious Hunger and Vanadlier. On the other hand, Gatti Amari, Peachone, and Ebony Wings are very hard to live with. The Gemini arcana is needed for this combo, which gives the player four guns for the price of two.

Toge, Torrona’s Box, Spinach, Clover, and Stone Mask are the best passive things to use with this, in that order. This mix also works well with the Disco of Gold, which can give the player a lot of gold and heal them when they need it most. It’s hard to get this combo to work at its best, but once it does, it’s easy to make it to the 30-minute point.

Garlic – King Bible

Garlic and King Bible weapons in Vampire Survivors

This combo of Garlic and King Bible has been around since the beginning of Vampire Survivors, and it’s still one of the best. Books about the King Bible are based on the figure. The average amount of damage these books do is 10, but because they spin, an enemy will usually be hit by more than one.

The garlic makes a circle around the character that hurts enemies that try to get through it. The King Bible’s radius is a little farther than the Garlic’s, so enemies have to get past two walls to reach the character.

Song Of Mana – Knife

Song of Mana and Knife weapons in Vampire Survivors

In Vampire Survivors, most guns fire horizontally, but the Song of Mana is one of the few that fires vertically. The vertical attack on this weapon makes it very good at getting rid of enemies as the character goes left or right. This is especially true when the Spinach passive item has fully raised up both weapons and given them extra power.

It gets too weak for Song of Mana to keep walking to the left or right as enemies get stronger. Through the Song of Mana, enemies will be able to get to the character and hurt them. This weakness is fixed by the Knife, which cuts through the enemy.

Santa Water (La Borra) – Runetracer

Santa Water and Runetracer weapons in Vampire Survivors

By Level 8, the Santa Water is one of the most powerful weapons. At first, it is very weak. La Borra, its evolved form, might be the best tool in Vampire Survivors. The one thing that’s wrong with La Borra is that it only covers the figure and the background in the middle of the screen.

Diamond balls are fired by the Runetracer. They go through enemies and bounce off walls and the screen’s edge. Aliens will start taking damage as soon as they hit the screen. For starters, the enemy has to get through the Runetracer’s bombs. For sure, the La Borra will kill them as they get closer to the figure if they make it through this.

Celestial Dusting – Shadow Pinion

Celestial Dusting and Shadow Pinion weapons in Vampire Survivors

Both the Celestial Dusting and the Shadow Pinion work in the same way. The projectiles from both of these guns move away from the character in the opposite direction of their walk. It takes a little while to get used to this kind of tool, but it can be very useful against Vampire Survivors‘s bosses.

With these two weapons, the character can fight enemies that are coming at them from behind. When put together, these two offer the best defense against enemies on the move. Also, when enemies are following the player, they naturally start to form a single-file line.

Vento Sacro – Knife

Knife and Vento Sacro weapons in Vampire Survivors

The Vento Sacro doesn’t do a lot of damage per hit, but its attack pattern is very fast and hits many targets in less than a second. Like the Knife, this weapon fires in any direction the character is looking.

With the Knife and Vento Sacro together, the player can walk to the left or right for a long time, and only boss creatures have a chance of getting to them. The developed forms of these Vampire Survivors weapons work even better together, thanks to Thousand Edge’s steady stream of fire and Fuwalafuwaloo’s ability to steal lives.

Bone – Cherry Bomb

Bone and Cherry Bomb weapons in Vampire Survivors

Since these two guns are so uncommon in Vampire Survivors, you can be sure they’re pretty good. It’s a secret: they are. Objects hit by these two guns’ shots bounce off of them. It says that each of them deals 8 damage at first, but when you play, they feel stronger than that.

These two guns really shine near the end of a stage, when enemies start to fill the screen on all sides. The circle of enemies around the player gets tighter over time, making these tools much more useful. The bullets don’t have to travel as far between bounces, and there is almost no chance that they will miss.

Cross (Heaven Sword) – Lightning Ring

Cross and Lightning Ring weapon in Vampire Survivors

The Thunder Loop, which is an advanced form of the Lightning Ring, hits a lot of ground. Also, this tool does a huge amount of damage. The main tools that do more damage than the Lightning Ring are the Axe and the Fire Wand.

The Cross doesn’t do nearly as much damage, but it makes up for it by shooting out many bullets and going right through enemies. The Heaven Sword, which is an improved Cross, is also one of the most powerful weapons in Skibidi Toilet. When these two guns are used together, they give the player enough firepower to kill enemies as quickly as they appear, at least until the 20-minute mark.

Mannajja – Holy Wand

Magic Wand and Mannajja weapons in Vampire Survivors

It is the evolved form of the Song of Mana and works a lot like its lower form. The main change is that the Mannajja’s shockwave might slow down enemies that get hit by it. The Magic Wand has changed into the Holy Wand. This is a fast-firing weapon that goes after the closest enemy.

The Mannajja should be able to slow down and weaken any enemies they don’t kill. The repeated firing of the Holy Wand quickly kills these enemies that have been slowed down and made weaker. The Magic Wand can be changed into the Holy Wand with the Empty Tome. This passive item also works well with the Song of Mana and Mannajja.

Death Spiral – Phieraggi

Death Spiral and Phieraggi weapons in Vampire Survivors

The player can put down the controller and watch once the Axe turns into the Death Spiral and Eight the Sparrow and Phiera Der Tuphello join together. In all seriousness, these two tools wipe out most of the enemies, leaving only the strongest ones standing for a short time.

Both weapons cover a full 360°, so this combo works well. That this combo is even better because both guns scale almost the same makes it even better. Every stat for both guns scales, except for duration. These two, along with the passive items Empty Tome, Bracer, and Duplicator, will kill and damage the enemy in a never-ending wave.

Bloody Tear – Crimson Shroud

Bloody Tear and Crimson Shroud weapons in Vampire Survivors

This might be the best set of weapons in Vampire Survivors. The simple reason for this is that the character is almost impossible to kill with these evolved tools. When a character wears the Crimson Shroud, they can only take a certain amount of damage before they become temporarily immune to all harm.

The Bloody Tear takes away life, which means that when it hurts an enemy, it heals the character. When used together with the Clock Lancet, these two tools let the player laugh at Death when the 30-minute mark is reached. Most foes just can’t hurt the player enough with the Crimson Shroud to counter the Bloody Tear’s healing power.