10 Best Superstar Abilities For Running Backs In Madden 24

Running backs aren’t given enough credit, and these Superstar skills will help you dominate the ground game in Madden 24.

In the NFL, setting up the ground game is still a big part of the attack. Even though quarterbacks and wide players get more attention, running backs work hard to gain yards and can wear down a defense.

In Madden 24, some running backs have Superstar powers that have huge effects on how they run. We picked out the best Superstar skills your runner should have and how they can help you win on the football field.

Balance Beam


For a running back, staying on your feet is very important. They could get hit by guards or other players on the field as they try to get across the line of scrimmage, which could throw them off balance.

Balance Beam helps running backs stay stable and not trip while carrying the ball. It’s easier for running backs to keep going when they stay standing. This helps them get a few extra yards.

Arm Bar

Jonathan Taylor stiff arm defender

Running backs can get away from people who want to hit them by doing stiff arms. When running backs extend their arm, it stops an attacker from tackling them and also helps them protect the ball.

Arm Bar is a simple Superstar power that works well. It makes stiff arm animations stronger overall, which lets running backs push off bigger defenders and more defenders as they fight for more yards.


Christian McCaffrey juking defender

When running backs are fast, they can easily get past offensive tackles or defenders in the open field. They use many different juke and spin moves to gain huge amounts of yardage.

Being an Evasive Superstar gives you more control over your spin and slide moves. If a running back doesn’t have this skill, the game will do a simple dodging move, but it might not be the way you thought it would. When you do these kinds of moves with halfbacks and Evasive, you can direct where the running back goes.

RB Apprentice

Alvin Kamara lining up in the backfield

Individual routes that are changed by the quarterback before the snap are called “hot routes.” Most of the time, these are simple routes that aren’t very common at the running back spot. There aren’t many NFL players who are just as dangerous when they catch the ball out of the backfield as when they run it.

RB Apprentice added four more hot routes for running backs who can play fake receivers out of the backfield. The quarterback may have more options for how to attack a defense with these new passes, which can change the way a team’s offense works.


Saquon Barkley evading tackle on the side

As the game goes on, it makes sense that players lose energy. Not only do running backs lose energy when they run with the ball, but they also do spin, juke, truck, and stiff arm moves to avoid being tackled.

Energizer is what you need if you want your running back to stay strong during Doodle Baseball. This Superstar ability gives you more stamina after each good skill move. This can help your running back stay fresh and make the defense even less confident.

Backfield Master

Josh Jacobs catching pass on the sidelines

The vast majority of running backs only care about running the ball, but there are a few who are also good at throwing. As receivers, running backs aren’t the best choice for passers; they’re more of a backup plan in case other receivers are covered. However, that doesn’t mean these players can’t make a big difference in the game.

The Backfield Master Superstar ability gives running backs more hot routes, which lets the quarterback change their routes on the field and makes them better at catching in general. Most running backs don’t have great catching scores, so some rushers might not see the value in getting better there. However, it could mean the difference between dropped passes and gaining a few yards.


Derrick Henry breaking a tackle

When running backs get the ball from the quarterback, the defenders immediately turns their attention to them. Defenders’ main goal is to tackle the player carrying the ball, but they will also do their best to knock the ball out of play and make hit-stick hits.

Hit-stick hits are stronger, but they can change the way the ball is thrown. If a defender misses, it’s easy for the offensive player to get out of the tackle and keep going. When running backs are in Tank, they can avoid full-on hit-stick hits and keep the ball from getting lost.


Nick Chubb using stiff arm to avoid tackle

Like wide receivers, there are fast and big running backs. These last ones can be very dangerous to the defenders, especially when they have the Bruiser Superstar ability.

When running backs have this special skill, they tend to run over anyone in their way. Their truck and stiff arm movements are stronger, which makes it easier for them to get away from tacklers. Even though these running backs aren’t the fastest, their strength more than makes up for it.

Goal Line Back

Austin Ekeler running up the middle to score a touchdown

There is less space on the field when offenses get to the red zone, making the fight at the line of scrimmage much more important. To get into the pocket, defenses often add extra defenders to the line of scrimmage, but Goal Line Back can be a good way to prevent that.

When the offense is less than five yards from the end zone, this Superstar power gives run blockers a huge boost. When offenses get close to the end zone, they usually rely on their running backs to help them score. This skill gives teams the upper hand at the line of scrimmage, which helps them score a touchdown on the ground.

Reach For It

Aaron Jones reaching for more yards as he is being tackled

As soon as the quarterback throws the ball to the running back, they start running to get as many yards as possible. It’s important for your running back to fight for every yard because running plays don’t usually gain as many yards as passing plays do.

Get For This is the best Superstar skill for running backs because it lets them often fight to gain extra yards while being tackled. This skill can make the difference between the offense scoring a score or getting a first down and the defense stopping them. In Madden 24, running backs who can “Reach For It” can make defenders very uncomfortable.