Difference Between Niche and Designer Perfume

The fragrances are divided into two prominent categories: Designer and niche perfumes. The term niche soon became the industry’s buzzword. Niche perfumes are those fragrances that are not available everywhere but are created for discerning scent lovers. The buzz around niche perfumes is due to the over-enthusiastic scent lovers who want to smell extraordinary.

In this post, we will shed light on prominent differences between niche fragrance and designer fragrance, though the distinction between the two is not specifically well outlined.

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You all must be pondering, apart from the price tag, what differentiates niche fragrance from mainstream fragrance.

  • The prime goal of niche companies is innovative fragrances, while designer fragrance intends to make a mass appeal to large audiences.
  • Niche companies approach customers who are seeking something unique and out of the box fragrance.
  • Niches Perfumes are not produced extensively unlike designer Fragrance.
  • Niche perfumes are artistic, expressive and innovative.
  • The designer fragrance is widely available. You can find them at any departmental store.
  • Niche Fragrance Brand has a secret and hidden recipe.
  • Designer Fragrance is a mainstream fragrance because the scent is formed to appeal to a mass audience.
  • Niche brand has its own distinctive and creative philosophy to make a special place in the hearts of fragrance lovers.
  • The ingredient of niche fragrance includes essential oils, they are available as an elixir.

Where to Buy

You can get a designer fragrance in all the prominent beauty chains. A niche fragrance always has a little distribution.

Bottom Line

Niche scents ooze a one of a kind and interesting aroma. There has been a spectacular boom in niche perfumery. Niche fragrance is preferred in terms of uniqueness and exclusivity. With the increase in online shopping, you can easily access both niche fragrances and designer fragrances.


Niche fragrance brands particularly emphasise on making innovative fragrances. On the other hand, the designer fragrance has a large distribution network. They are perfumes available in the market at a lesser price. These mainstream fragrances are comparatively cheap perfumes when compared to sophisticated niche fragrance.

Top-notch quality ingredients and rare production contribute to higher prices of niche fragrance.

Although mainstream perfumes lack uniqueness, one of their stellar selling points is its affordability and availability.

Niche fragrances are high priced, but if you are a connoisseur of a fine fragrance or fragrance fanatic you will treasure great value in each drop. You can buy amazing perfumes for less prices at Fragrance cosmetic perfumes.

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