Select Finest Outsourcing Firm for AngularJS Growth

Hi, guys! Every day we use different  applications and websites and  every  day we become more aware and more modern. Today the Internet, mobile devices and other electronic technology are part of our life. No doubt, that today there is a huge competition between mobile applications, websites, development companies and so on. Today our question is to find out how to choose the best outsourcing company for AngularJS development.

First of all, I want to consider the question: “What is outsourcing?” and “What is AngularJS ?”.

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is when a company hires other people for work. These people  specialise in one field. Outsourcing used in different ways. For instance, outsourcing can be used in the customer service, accounting, tax consulting, IT and marketing departments. Imagine one situation. You work in a store and you need every time to make a cash account for the week/month/year. It takes a long time  for you. In order to simplify your life, you hug an accountant company. It will be cheaper and more comfortable for you. There are different types of outsourcing: offshore, onshore and nearshore. Offshore means that your company is located outside. Onshore is located in the same country as you. Nearshore is a company that is located nearby.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is a framework developed by Google. It is assigned to build a one-page web app. AngularJS is based on JavaScript. AngularJS applications can run on all major browsers and smartphones, including Android and iOS based phones/tablets.

How to choose best outsourcing company for AngularJS development

First of all, I think you should make a list of criteria  by which you choose the best outsourcing company for AngularJS.

  1. Speed

Speed is one of the main criteria of work. The presence of AngularJS MVC architecture and easy testing make the development process much faster. Main developer resource  is development time.

  1. High professionalism and experience

Professionalism is a responsible attitude to duties, high-quality and timely execution of assigned tasks. Each employee must make the best decision, give competent advice within the framework of their competence.

  1. Effectiveness

Relationships within the company are based on the direct interest of employees in the results of their work to achieve the overall result of the company.

  1. Innovation

Innovation is relevant to every aspect of outsourcing companies. It is cool, when a company has something new that no one before you did. Create something new- don’t stay in the same place!

  1. Service cost

As for this criterion, I think you decide for yourself what price is best for you. It may be that the price will be high and the quality of work poor.It may be also vice versa. It’s life!

Now I advise you some popular outsourcing company for AngularJS development:


Altoros is a software development company in Minsk, Belarus. It was founded in 2001. Altoros team consists of more than 3500 employees.

Spire Digital

Spire Digital is a company that is based on CO in Denver. The team specializes in custom software development, UX/UI design, web development, and app development. It offers web strategy services such as mobile strategic planning, gap-analysis, marketing strategy, brand identity design, requirements analysis, sales strategy design and so on.


Trigent is a company based in Southborough, MA company, with two additional offices in India. Trigent gives opportunities for offshore software development application testing, and ECM consulting to companies for their clients.


DOOR3 is a software development company. It is located in New York. It was founded in 2002. They give you opportunity for software, web, and mobile app development, UX/UI design, and enterprise app modernization. The team consists of about 60 employees.


In order to choose the best outsourcing company for AngularJS you can ask friends, search the Internet and to estimate  market conditions. You need to consider all the criteria by which you will choose a company and make your choice. I wish you good decisions in your choice!

Thanks for your attention!