The 10 Best Side Quests In Final Fantasy 16

In Final Fantasy 16, you won’t want to miss these side quests.

Final Fantasy 16 has a good number of side quests that don’t stand out. Some are worth doing because they are important to the main story and give big rewards, while others are pointless and don’t give any awards. You shouldn’t miss a few side jobs even if you don’t need the Gil. Valisthea is a place with many different kinds of stories.

Some of these side quests show that people are worth saving no matter who they are or where they come from, even if the main story makes you lose faith in people. Here are the best side quests in Final Fantasy 16 based on story and how fun they are to do.


The Playthings side quest in Final Fantasy 16.

Location: Sanbreque, Royal Meadows

This Final Fantasy 16 quest isn’t for you if you want to believe in people again after everything you’ve been through in this game. In Final Fantasy 16, people can be worse than creepy crawlies. But if you’re brave and want to go on a real hunt for a “pet,” look for a girl called Lisette in the Royal Meadows of Sanbreque. The girl says she forgot to close the pen for her pet and it got out.

Based on how the other people talked about Chloe, you might think she was a lost horse or a dog that got away. There’s something fun about going on a hunt for a lost pet, but you might not like what you find. You’ll be scarred for terrible benefits, but at least you’ll be adding to Valisthea’s social and political history.

Pride Comes Before The Fall

Clive after beating soldiers in Northreach for a spar in Final Fantasy 16

Location: Sanbreque, Northreach

In Final Fantasy 16, there are many scenes where you, as Clive, have to beat up the worst people in the world to finish a quest. It’s satisfying to hurt strong but cruel people who used their power to take advantage of others, and you’ll have a lot of those scenes until the end.

As a “Branded,” you have to admit that a lot of people you meet don’t like Clive. There have been times when you wanted to make a point to those prejudiced people. If you want to really beat up people who put down Clive, this quest gives you the chance to do it.

More Than Words

Torgal and Clive from Final Fantasy 16

Location: The Hideaway

This Final Fantasy 16 quest is for everyone who loves our best boy, Torgal. It’s a short side story about a man and his dog who have been separated for more than ten summers but still feel like they know each other. Torgal doesn’t answer, but this quest shows that he cares about and gets Clive the best.

Clive’s mother turned his life into ashes, so proof of Torgal’s search for Clive over the years in their little hideout would make you cry more than anything else. It’s possible that dogs who love their humans are better than people.

Aiming High

Clive and Mid talking about Airships in the Hideaway in Final Fantasy 16

Location: The Hideaway

When does a creation become dangerous to people? Are people unintentionally causing their own destruction? These thoughts will come to mind when you find Mid, who has been locked in her room because of a project that could send ships into space. Fans of Final Fantasy may already know about airships, but in Valisthea, they’re a new idea.

Clive is helping Mid get the things she needs for the project, so she is almost done building the airship of her dreams. Some moral questions that keep people from destroying the world are the only thing stopping her.

Lines In The Sand 2

L'ubor from Final Fantasy 16

Location: Dalimil Inn, Dhalmekia

When you do something good, you will be paid for it. L’ubor was caught as a Bearer while saving two children. His good deeds should have made people forget about the fact that he was a Bearer, but Dalimil’s people think he’s lying about his powers.

That’s L’ubor’s salvation in Part 2 of Lines in the Sand. It shows that he only wants to do good for the people of Dalimil, Bearer or not. People turned him down at first when they found out his secret, but this story quest shows that Bearers are just people who can do good or bad things.

Litany Of Errors

Herman the Cursebreaker talking to Clive from Final Fantasy 16

Location: The Hideaway

What gives a man the right to live when everyone else around him has died? He was a Cursebreaker, and he lived in an orphanage with Bearer children. He felt guilty about having survived the deaths of all his adopted brothers and sisters. He asks Clive if he can go to The Badbach Conservatory, even though the aetherflood might put his life in danger.

When Clive goes to the conservatory instead of Herman, he finds stories about how children from Bearer were tortured while they were being made to be soldiers. Herman is lucky to have lived through it all, but reading the notes and reports will give you nightmares.

Friend Of The People

The Chamberlain from Final Fantasy 16

Location: Sanbreque, Northreach

In most RPGs, the main characters are famous and well-known in their own worlds. As Friend of the People shows, great names don’t make people heroes. Anyone, even those who have everything they need, can help others in need if they choose to be kind.

The Northreach Chamberlain asked Clive to help him feed the hungry bearers because he couldn’t do it himself without drawing too much attention to himself. What’s the point of some scraps? Many Bearers who are being abused and are hungry depend on it for survival in Spacebar Clicker, and the Chamberlain does it for free.

An Inconvenient Truth

Vivian commissioning Clive to retrieve a rare tome in Final Fantasy 16

Location: The Hideaway

People have different ideas about history, but in a world like Valisthea, where everything is censored, having different ideas isn’t promoted. Vivian tells Clive to get a book that isn’t allowed to be there that tells history from a different point of view. People don’t need to know about a mystery group called The Executors because they want everyone to know about this story about Bearers and why they fell.

The book is found by Clive, but he runs into an Executor who tries to stop him from taking it. But who is in charge of the truth? And is history still subjective if the events it records are true?

For Great Justice 2 In Final Fantasy 16

Eloise, Theo, and Clive discussing their mission in Final Fantasy 16

Location: Sanbreque, Lostwing

People don’t always like vigilante justice, but in a world full of unfairness, it may be the only way for the abused to fight back. In the past, Quinten was a lawyer who worked for the courts. He has always hated how unfairly Bearers were treated, and he thought the Lord Chief Justice felt the same way until he found out a terrible truth.

It was this Chief Justice who caused him to lose everything. Now he is alive to get revenge on the man who hurt his family and all the Bearers. No matter what, a story with a good payback plot is always worth reading, even if it doesn’t end the way you thought it would.

Rekindling the Flame 2

Sir Wade appealing to the Bearers of Eastpool in Final Fantasy 16

Location: Rosaria, Martha’s Rest

Sir Wade is without a doubt one of the game’s most admirable characters. He has the spirit of a real Rosaria Shield, even though Rosalith has been dead for a long time. Sir Wade and Martha plan to teach the Bearers how to live and take care of themselves after they free a few of them. They had never been free before, so it’s hard to teach them how to live as free people.

In Valisthea, freedom is only temporary, so these Bearers will have to fight the Akashic or different governmental forces every day to keep it.